Mirror Mirror on the wall
Do you know who I am at all?
The friends I've lost, bad things I've done
Are haunting my mind, but the pain has just begun.
I can't see my pretty face right now.
Someone's locked it up inside me, somehow.
My eyes are rimmed in smudged black and gray.
Remainders of the mask of yesterday.
My eyes are hollow, they look so dead.
They don't give away the fears in my head.
My hair is limp, unwashed and un-dyed.
Slightly damp from all the tears that I've cried.
This is not the girl from yesterday.
That girl the tears have washed away.

Mirror Mirror standing there
How can I express this deep despair?
All my friends have gone away.
My heart and thoughts they have betrayed.
It's only me to stand alone
In front of the mirror in my home.
Me and the knife I hold in my hands.
A gift of mercy to the desperate man.
I'm to afraid to take my life
At the point of this jagged knife.
So cuts I make upon my flesh.
Bleeding slowly, begging for rest.

Mirror Mirror, Can't you see
What this life has done to me?
"I hate you" forever scared on my arm.
Those words were never meant to bring any harm.
They cut and they seared worse than this knife.
Called from all sides and from all walks of life.
I heard it spoken to me every day.
Now it's with me forever, I can't get away.
Wait! There's one choice to end all my pain.
Do I have the courage to try it again?
Blood is so pretty. So bright and so red.
I can make something pretty, no matter what the world said.
It's such a nice colour. I think I'll make some more.
Who is that knocking outside my door?
Why, Death! Hello, old friend.
You will stay with me right to the end.
You will not laugh and mock me and jest.
You will help me to do my best.
Yes I'll come with you right away.
Why not? There is no reason to stay.

Mirror, Mirror, now shattered glass.
I'm sorry I broke you. I'm sorry I cut class.
I'm sorry I lied and shed so many tears.
I'm sorry I kept it inside all these years.
I'm sorry I never told anybody.
But they would just laugh. Think it was funny.
Red is for blood. Bruises are blue.
I have a secret I have to tell you.
I never did like the reflection I saw
In that big mirror up on the wall.
I cried for hours when I saw that face.
That unholy excuse for one of the human race.
Now you can torture me no more.
Only shards of glass lying on the floor.

Shards, Shards, reflecting that light,
Where does it come from? It's so blindingly white.