As she lay asleep he kissed her on the forehead
Turning around to see himself before death
Cruel thoughts and vicious, bloated agony
He lies beside her, nothing left to see
What can't he try to let these feelings go?
Why can't he fight this battle all alone?

What does it mean to have no meaning? (x 4)
What does it mean to have nothing left?

He touched the steps that beckoned him from this place
Wondering if anything was better than grace
Painfully he took his lover by the hand
Silently prayed that she would understand
What is there left for him to keep him here?
What is there left except for numbing fear?

One final glance up at a sky that seemed grey
A final chance to escape another day
He lets himself slide back out of a dream
Awaking only when he could not be seen
Why does his lover say that he was wrong?
Why does she think that he could have gone on?