Act 1
The Ruby Skull

[July, 29th, 751 AD]

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, the children were at play in their front yards and the animals roamed free. A young boy at the age of 14 wearing brown leather clothing and leather boots stood at the front door of a friend's house, his wavy mouse-gray hair swishing back and forth in the wind.
He knocked a few times and waited. The door opened and a tall, broad boy about the same age, wearing a purple chrome breastplate, brown leather shorts and brown leather boots stepped out.
"Hey, Gett, you ready?" Asked the tall boy, his orange hair falling over his eyes as he stared down at the boy who had called upon him. The boy named Gett nodded slightly.
"Yep, I've got the net, fake vomit and the lasso, Clive." The broad boy who was called Clive chuckled. "Oh my! Zellie's gonna be in such a huff when she get's out of our trap!" The two boys walked off, laughing to themselves.
A few minutes had passed and a young girl about the age of 13, wearing a red dress, brown boots as well and had her blonde hair in two long pigtails stood, watering the garden in her backyard. "Oh, Zellie!..." called Clive, coming out from a corner. The young girl looked up at Clive, who was grinning. She shook her head.
"What do you want, Clive, I'm busy." Clive acted as he was surprised. "What?...I only came by to say 'Hello' to the most beautiful gal in all of the land. Zellie shook her head again. "No way, Clive, I know you too well to do that..."
"Aw, C'mon, Zell, why can't I just...urr..."
Clive stopped and grasped his stomach in agony. "Oh my gosh! Clive!" Zellie gasped. "I...don't feel too good..." Clive coughed. He then, secretly took the fake vomit from a pocket and threw it to the ground, gaging. Zellie screamed and ran around to the backyard, where Gett was waiting.
Gett examined the lasso. It was tied to the net, which was hidden in the tree. He heard Zellie coming and hid behind the tree. Zellie came running, straight for the tree. Gett waited for the usual shriek of anger from Zellie, when she fell for one of the boys's traps, like always.
He heard the scream and he knew that was his cue. He stepped out, but stepped into the lasso and flew up into the air and into the net, getting caught by his own trap.
Zellie stared up at the entrapped boy, with an evil smile spread across her face. "Ha! You didn't think I'd fall for ANOTHER trap of yours, did you, Gett?" She asked.
Clive came out from the corner and was suddenly shocked by what had happened. "Oh my gosh! Gett, are you Ok, man?" Gett scowled. "Yeah, I'm fine, just get me down from here, will ya?!" Clive nodded and helped his friend down.
"Oh well, I guess Zellie's the trap master now..." Gett said disappointed. Zellie stood proud. Clive shrugged. "It's ok, Gett, we'll get 'er next time, eh?" Gett shrugged. "...I guess." Clive looked surprised. "What?! This? Coming from the world's bravest boy, and all he says is an 'I guess'? I guess he's retired now!"
Gett looked up. "Hey! That's not fair, Clive! I'm still the bravest one of the three of us!" Zellie watched the two boys bicker. Clive crossed his arms. "Hmm...well, if that's true, than go find the ancient 'Ruby Skull of Artemis'!"
Gett thought for a moment. "Fine, to prove that I've found it, I'll even bring it back to you, Clive!" Gett raised a fist to Clive's face. Gett shook hands with Clive.
Zellie came up behind Gett. "I'm coming with you, Gett..." Gett blinked and turned around to face her. "I have to do this, Zellie, you wouldn't understand, cause you're just a girl..." Gett answered. "What?! How rude!" Zellie yelled. "I'm coming, and that's final!" Gett grumbled to himself. "Fine, whatever..." he sighed and began to walk away. Zellie dashed after him.


Zellie and Gett stood in front of a large stone castle. "Wow, this place is huge!" Gett replied. Zellie shivered. "M-maybe we should go back." Gett shook his head. "Hmm? Come all the way out here and just turn back? No way! I made a deal, darn it!" He walked off inside the castle without his female comrade. Zellie sighed and went after him.
The two of them came across a large room with a tall stand in the middle of it. Zellie dashed off to a treasure chest to search its contents. Gett walked forward to the pillar and scrolled his head upwards, staring at the pillar.
His eyes suddenly went wide. "That must be it..." he whispered to himself. Atop the pillar, sitting on a stand was a ruby about the size of your hand, carved into a skull.
Gett stepped forward, still looking up and a switch suddenly was triggered. The pillar slid down slowly to the ground. Gett went to the ruby skull, trembling. He grasped it with both his hands and lifted it from the stand. His lips shook as his held the marvel. "I-it's really it!"
Zellie looked up from the treasure chest. "Is that it?" Gett nodded slowly. Zellie wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Whew! Ok, let's get outta here, now!" Gett turned around, facing Zellie and put the ruby skull in his pouch. Right as he stepped forward, the whole place started to shake. Zellie shrieked in fear.
Suddenly, A giant Minotaur appeared behind Gett. "Gett! Look out!" Zellie yelled. Gett looked up. "Uh-oh..." He then ran for his life, grabbing Zellie by the arm and dragged her along. Rocks flew everywhere, as the whole fortress fell apart.
Gett noticed a giant hole. "Ugh...we're gonna have to jump!" He told Zellie. The young girl's eyes went wide. "W-what?! Are you crazy?! We won't make it!!" "......." Gett ignored her yells and started to leap over the giant gap. "YYYAAAAAHHHH!!!!" He yelled, his eyes closed tightly.
Everything went white. Just then, the whole fortress caved in to nothing. Gett got up coughing. "W-we made it..." He said quietly. Zellie toppled forward from a pile of rubble. "Ugh...can we go home now? I think you proved your point, Gett..." Gett nodded. "Yup, let's go!" He said, dusting himself off. He helped Zellie up and the two of them walked off.


Clive stared at the two of them. The three of them stood in Zellie's backyard. "You did it! I'm surprised!" Clive said, wide eyed. Gett smiled and held out the ruby marvel. Gett started to dance about happily. "Yeah! I still got it!"
Zellie's eyes went wide. "Gett! Watch out! You're gonna trip on that rock!" It was too late. Gett's foot flew backward and he stumbled against the rock, sending him to knock his head against the tree. "Gett!" Clive went forward. Gett yelped and his head smashed against the tree. He slid
down into a sitting slump, a small trail of blood left on the tree. "Gett!!" Zellie and Clive ran to his side. "Gett?! Wake up!"All faded to black..