Copyright: This story and all its characters are mine. Reliox and Kipali come from my fic "The Sphere Of Glaziodus", but there's no need to read it to understand this story.

Warning: This is a fic about yaoi. If you don't like it, don't read it. And if you're a Goddess, please, don't feel offended, don't strike me with lightning and don't curse my family.

Summary: This is a short story about two Goddesses who love yaoi. I hope real Goddesses are not as crazy as Nelixa and Pomia.

Yaoi Goddesses.

Nelixa entered the Gods' Palace. It was a giant building in the 1st world, where every major God had a flat with an office. From there, each of them ran a world and supervised all the minor Gods attached to it. Nelixa had just gone for a walk in the marvellous gardens of the Palace, but she was bored to death. Well, of course, Gods can't die, but you get the idea! That's why she decided to drop in on Pomia.

Nelixa had long wavy blond hair and blue eyes. She was the Goddess of the 1436th world (A/N: the world of "The Sphere Of Glaziodus"). She and Pomia had been best friends for centuries. Pomia was the Goddess of the 581st world (A/N: our world). She had long straight dark hair and brown eyes. And the two friends had the same hobby: yaoi.

"Hello Pomia!"

"Hi Nelixa! What's happening in your world? I hope you haven't been too bad with the inhabitants. Sending them Numas was really mean!"

"Don't criticize me! I had to do something for those poor Itrasians. Their society was so heterosexual. But now, there are plenty of happy gay couples. My plan was just peeerfeeect!"

Pomia giggled: "As if you had done it to help them and not for your own pleasure!".

"But I already had the Lephadians and the Talemians for that!", Nelixa protested.

"Sure! But we always want new couples."

"Maybe. Well, especially Reliox and Kipali. They're so cute together. Everything's fine for them now, but it was really exciting to watch their relationship evolving in the jungle. And they're so damn hot!"

"By the way, if you have other recordings of their lovemaking, I'm interested."

"Hey! They're mine! I'm just joking. Of course, I'll bring you that next time. What about your world?"

"Well, as I told you, yaoi is now spreading all over it. And the fangirls have already taken over the Internet. Mwahahahaha! Sorry! Anyway, that's wonderful. There are so many things to read. I've printed a selection of fanfics and original fics for you."

"Thank you so much! That's very nice. And it comes at the right moment, because I've just finished reading all the manga and dojinshi we bought at Mandarake last week. What a bunch of bishonen!"

"I haven't finished reading mine yet, I've got so many things to do!"

"You're really lucky to run a world so full of yaoi." Nelixa pondered for a few seconds. "I think I should develop that in my world too."

"What a great idea!"

"Could you lend me some muses for the girls of my world?"

"Well, maybe I could lend you Profiterole's muse.", Pomia offered. "She won't have much time to write any more."

"What?", I exclaimed. "It's all right to share my muse with other yaoi fangirls, but I don't want you to send her into another dimension! She's important to me." (A/N: And, as I'm writing this story, I won't let them take my muse away from me, even though they're Goddesses and I'm only a human being!)

"I'm sorry, Nelixa, but, apparently, there's some opposition from my writers. So you'll have to wait until the next graduation."

"But those muses will be beginners!"

"Don't worry! When I noticed that the phenomenon was spreading, I organized the creation of a new course dedicated to yaoi. So there'll be a hundred muses who'll be ready to inspire yaoi writers. If you want, you can hire some of them for your own world."

"Yes, that's what I'm going to do.", Nelixa answered. "Thank you for the tip. And, later, I'll show you all the great works made by my people."

"I'm looking forward to that.", Pomia said with a mischievous smile.

"Well, I must go back to work now. If only I could spend all my time reading yaoi! But I've got a world to run. I'll bring you my recordings of Rel and Kip next time. I hope you'll have more wonderful stories from your authors."

"Sure! With all the muses I send them, their production is endless."

"See you later, Pomia!"

"See ya, Nelixa!"

So Nelixa reluctantly went back to work and Pomia resumed drooling over her dojinshi.

The end.

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