Find Me
Crawling through a baron land
A corpse on its last legs
This is its final last demand
To die away from beer kegs
Withered under the boiling orange sun
The once pale flesh now red raw
The final pleas have now almost been done
A sense of relief- it states "No more"
Find me
And save my scorched body
Murmurs in a darken wood
Screaming out of pure pain
We would mute the sounds if we could
It's hard to cure those insane
A wolf howls and the mind screeches clear
Metamorphosis complete
The solid is mush and the end is near
The mind bows down- admits defeat
Find me
And heal my tortured mind
A soul is placed in a room
Dancing, turning, spinning
This is a place without gloom
Somewhere made just for winning
For a change the soul is dressed in white
And glowing as she catches you
Her eyes light up- she giggles with delight
Hopefully you'll get here sometime too
Find me
And teach me how to love again