Raven sighed and leaned against Ethan's shoulder as they walked together in the park. It was already dark and as she glanced upwards she was awed by the beauty of the star studded sky.

The night breeze caressed her face as she briefly closed her eyes. It was prom night but she and Ethan had decidede to cut it short sfter they had announced the prom King and Queen who were Timothy Sands and (much to Raven's happiness) Michelle Carter.

Now here she was in her dark blue strapless dress wrapped snugly in Ethan's coat a can of coke in her hand. She glanced at her boyfriend who walked beside her gazing at the stars. His shirt was partly untucked, his tie undone and the breeze had effectively mussed his hair up. Raven felt a smile tug at the corners of her lips.

He looked so cute.

"So," he said suddenly taking a sip from his can, "where do we go from here?"

She looked at him for a moment before shrugging, "We'll just have to wait and see. An entire pahse of our life just got over and I guess it's a little too early to make assumptions."

"But everything seems to have finally organized itself."

"Yeah," after a pause she said, "you know, I'm just glad everything turned out alright. This was one crazy year."

"That it was," Ethan said with a chuckle, "but I feel absolutely great right now."

"Why is that?" Raven asked with a slight smirk.

"Well," Ethan said as he paused for a moment to collect his thoughts, "for one thing I got the scholarship I was aiming for. I got accepted in a good college. What's even better is that it's pretty close to the place where you're going. The band didn't win the competition last week but came pretty close to it and was well appreciated by the audience so I'm happy. And to top it all off you're right here next to me.

"Flatterer," Raven murmered as she pulled him close for a kiss.

"Of course," Ethan said as they broke apart, "who could ever forget the fact that you kicked Timothy Sands in the nuts."

She laughed out loud as she gently tugged him to follow as she resumed walking but Ethan grabbed her elbow and pulled her close to him.

"A toast," he said rasing his can. Raven grinned as she followed suit.

"To us," Ethan said.

"To here and now," Raven added.

"That wasn't such a bad ending," Ethan said grinning.

"No," Raven said pulling him close for a kiss, "it was just a new beginning."

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