"Don't waste your touch. You won't find anything worthy of redeeming."
~ From "The Leaving Song Part II" by AFI

abandoned buildings crane their heads to the sky
waiting for their inevitable.
Flowers are greedy in the sun.

The empty gawking faces of houses
are turned away from us.

I pulled you from the water.
You told me, streams of drowning from your mouth,
that you had not drank enough.
The mud had left a memoir on your hands
but I dared not wash you clean.

I wondered what you had done;
who you had been.
I tried to warm you.
But now I see that the water has left invisible bruises all over you.

Quiet, the empty houses
see us search their dust for what we need.

Exhausted, I cannot look
into the fractured sunset.
I turn to you.

Give me an ounce of your darkness.