I'm falling into that routine again.
That routine of being your bitch,
Of doing everything you ask of me,
No questions asked.
I hate it, and I hate you,
But I can't stay away.
I'm like an addict,
and you're my drug, my addiction.
You're slowly killing me,
But I just can't get enough.
You're the best kind of drug,
the kind that keeps them coming back for more,
The kind that gives them a craving
That no amount of therapy can suppress.
So where'd my fucking AA meeting?
Where's my rehab for the heart?
Where am I supposed to go
when I feel the need to get a fix of you?
I can't escape,
So I relapse.....
And it's like heaven,
This glorious high.
I've returned to my home,
And I forget why I left in the first place.
My drug.
My addiction.
My home.