Mirabel dipped her feet in the lake near her home, not aware of the dangers, perils, and surprises her future held.  At twelve years old, she didn't think about the future.  Her only concern was what she would do the rest of the summer.  In a few months she started her first year at Wafira Middle School.  It was a school for the commoners who didn't possess any magical powers.

As she ran her fingers across the blue liquid, Mirabel looked at her reflection in the water.  Her curly black hair lay softly on her shoulder blades.

"It almost looks blue in the water," she noted. Two turquoise eyes stared back at her.  "I guess the water's reflection makes it look blue."

Mirabel shrugged and continued to run her fingers through the water.  As she did, she had no idea her parents were watching her from a few feet away.  They saw the water stay on Mirabel's fingers as she lifted her hand.

"Do you think she has any idea?" Carissa, Mirabel's mother, asked her husband.

"Mirabel wonders if she's changing," John replied. "But she isn't sure and she doesn't know why."

"We should tell her the truth."

"The truth?  We aren't 100% sure what's happening to her either," John told his wife.  "We need a second opinion."

"I would love an expert's opinion.  However, I think we are capable of judging what's happening to Mirabel."

"That may be, but I don't want to give her false hope."

Carissa pointed to Mirabel.  "Our daughter deserves to know the truth as much as we do.  I don't want to get her hopes up for nothing.  But she must have the proper training if our suspicions are correct."

"I know that," John replied.

"After all, there is a good chance that she has powers.  We can't ignore that."

John sighed.  "I can only hope we come up with a way to find out if she really does possess powers."

Carissa laid her hand atop John's hand.  "I'm sure there must be a way."

John and Carissa stood in silence; watching their daughter as she continued to play in the water.  They hoped to find out the truth.  It wouldn't be easy, but it was their duty as her parents to give her the best, no matter what the cost.

John sighed.  "Should we call her in for dinner?"

"We might as well," Carissa pushed back the leaves of the trees and walked towards Mirabel.  "It's time for dinner, Mirabel."

She stood up and wiped the water off her legs.  Mirabel followed her parents back to their home a couple of miles away.

'Mom and Dad are awfully quiet today,' Mirabel thought.  'I wonder why.  They're acting like something bad is going to happen.'

She asked aloud, "Are you two alright?"

"We're fine," Carissa took Mirabel's hand.  "There's nothing wrong."

John walked into the house and Mirabel and her mother followed suit.  Carissa and John finished preparing dinner in the kitchen while Mirabel set the table.  As she filled the last glass of water, Mirabel concentrated on the liquid.  Putting her hand over the glass, the water began to crash against the sides of the glass.  The water became so violent that the glass shattered and Mirabel yelped.

Carissa rushed over and held her daughter.  John picked up the broken glass – all the while looking at his wife.

"What happened?" Carissa asked.  "Did you drop the glass?"

"N-no," Mirabel stuttered, her eyes wide in surprise.  "I was thinking about the water in the glass and then all of a sudden it exploded.  I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault," John assured his daughter.  He threw away the shattered glass and gave Mirabel a hug.  "You didn't do anything wrong."

The three of them stood in silence until Carissa finished wiping up the last droplets of water off the floor.  "It's time to eat."


            After a long, quiet, and tense dinner, Carissa put Mirabel to bed.  Carissa sighed as she walked into her room and lay down on the bed beside her husband.

"I'm as shocked as you are," John said, taking the words right out of Carissa's mouth.  "I had no idea it would happen so soon."

"I suppose there isn't a set time for it to happen.  No one told us -"

John interrupted Carissa.  "Don't say another word." He put a finger to her lips.  "We shouldn't talk about this now.  Mirabel might overhear us."

"Who cares if she overhears? She should hear what her future might be."

"Her future isn't certain yet.  We need proof."

"What happened at dinner was enough proof for me," Carissa argued.  "The evidence literally exploded in our faces."

John's cheeks reddened.  "We're not experts."

"I consider myself an expert.  We know what Mirabel is going through!"

"Stop it!" John held Carissa by the shoulders and shook her.  "I want an expert opinion and that is final."

Carissa shuddered at John's voice.  It sounded so certain, so irate.  "I guess there's nothing wrong with getting another opinion."

"Good," John folded his arms across his chest.  "Let's get some sleep."

Carissa got into bed with caution; trying to push away her feelings of fear.  She hadn't seen John that angry in years.  But it wasn't just John's yelling that scared her.  Deep within – so deep that Carissa almost couldn't feel it – was a sense of danger and trepidation for her daughter.  Mirabel was a smart girl.  Carissa knew Mirabel could take care of herself.  Yet the feeling of peril lay buried in her heart.

'I know the dangers that comes with the powers,' Carissa thought. 'Pain and danger follow you everywhere.  I pray that she is still powerless.'


            Three days later, Carissa and John were sitting in the office of Headmaster Conan.  He was the headmaster of Wafira's School for Mages.  They wanted his opinion on Mirabel.

Conan stepped through the door and sat at his desk, opposite Carissa and John.  His graying hair was pulled back and he stroked his gray beard. 

"What can I help you with?" Conan asked.  His green eyes were lit with concern.

"We have some questions concerning our daughter, Mirabel Trean," John said.  "My wife, Carissa, and I were hoping you could help us."

Conan sat back in his chair.  "What kind of questions do you have?"

"They're more observations, than questions," Carissa told him.

"Mirabel has been having some odd experiences with water lately," John explained.  "It seems like water is always around her.  It sticks to her body and doesn't dry.  Her hair – which was black when she was born – is turning a dark blue."

"You forgot about the incident at dinner," Carissa said.  "During dinner a few nights ago, Mirabel told us she was thinking about the water inside the glass.  It exploded a few seconds later."

Conan rubbed his chin.  "This is quite interesting.  What are your theories?"

"We think Mirabel is a Water Mage," John and Carissa replied in unison. 

"From what you have told me, there is a good chance that Mirabel is indeed a Water Mage.  But I will need to test her myself.  Can she come here tomorrow at dawn?"

John nodded.  "She'll be here."

"Thank you so much for listening to us," Carissa smiled at Conan.

Conan returned the smile.  "It was no trouble at all."

"We'll see you tomorrow," John said.  He shook Conan's hand and left with Carissa.


            Carissa was still in Mirabel's room, trying to explain why she was going to be tested tomorrow morning.

"But it's summer!" Mirabel whined.  "I shouldn't have to take a test during the summer."

"This is a very important test."

"I don't want to take a test."

Beginning to feel frustrated, Carissa decided to humor Mirabel.  "Why don't you want to take the test?"

"I'm not a Water Mage.  Don't you think I would've noticed by now?  I don't have special powers and I'm not special."

"You are special.  This test will help prove that."

Mirabel played with the sheets on her bed.  "What if I fail?  What if I'm just a dull girl with no special powers?"

"I have a strong feeling that you will pass this test.  You won't know for sure until you take it."

Mirabel shook her head.  "I can't.  I don't want to fail."

"I know you don't," Carissa held Mirabel close.  "However this test could make the difference between you attending Wafira Middle School, and a school that offers a better education."

This peaked Mirabel's interest.  She was devoted to learning and school.  Maybe she had a chance at being a mage.  "I guess I'll give it a try."

"You won't regret this!" Carissa embraced Mirabel.

'Then why do I have such a bad feeling about it?' Mirabel didn't speak her qualm aloud.


            Before the sun rose, Mirabel's parents had sent her on her way to Wafira's School for Mages.  They gave her directions and told her exactly where to go.  Mirabel took all the correct turns and, an hour later, arrived at the school. 

There was no one in sight.  "Maybe I should go inside," Mirabel said.

"Talking to yourself?" a deep voice asked. 

Mirabel wheeled around but didn't see anyone.  As she continued walking, a tall figure stepped out of the shadows.  Mirabel shrieked.  The mysterious man laughed and his gray eyes bore into Mirabel's eyes.

He held out a pale hand.  "I am Master Aderes."

"Nice to meet you," Mirabel shook his hand with caution.  "I'm Mirabel Trean."

"Are you a student?  I haven't seen you here before."

"Headmaster Conan is going to give me a test to see if I'm a Water Mage.  I might be a new student."

Aderes curled his lips into a mocking grin.  "Great," he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.  "I can't wait to teach a girl who has no idea what she is."

Mirabel flushed with embarrassment.  She watched Master Aderes walk away; his wavy black hair blowing in the slight breeze. 

Mirabel continued walking but couldn't get the image of Master Aderes out of her head.  He had a firm jaw with what looked like a permanent scowl on his face.  His sickly, white skin almost glowed in the foggy morning sun while his unusual gray eyes had penetrated into her own and held daggers.

A hand grabbed Mirabel's shoulder and turned her around.  This time, she saw a kind old man with graying hair and a beard.  "I am Headmaster Conan.  You must be Mirabel."

"That's me!"

Conan chuckled.  "You're a vivacious young girl.  Let's begin your test."

Mirabel followed Conan as he led her around the grounds of the school.  She inspected everything and was pleased.  It was a beautiful school.  Mirabel could learn to live there and be happy.

Conan stopped walking and pointed to a puddle on the ground.  "Concentrate on that puddle.  Think about making the water into waves."

Mirabel was confused but shut her eyes.

"Keep your eyes open!" Conan instructed.

Her eyes shot open and she stared at the puddle.  At first nothing happened.  She thought about different types of waves; from the ocean, to the waves that formed when a strong wind blew.  When Mirabel was about to give up she saw the water vibrate.  A few seconds later tiny waves were rolling in the puddle.

"That's cool!" Mirabel watched with amusement at the waves as they died away.  "How did that happen?"

Conan grinned.  "You made it happen."

"I did?  Does this mean I'm a Water Mage?"

"After you pass one more test it will.  Now, I need you to stand in the puddle and hold onto this glass.  Try to make the water from the puddle transfer into the glass."

Mirabel was unsure she could perform the next task.  Yet she focused all her thoughts on the water and the glass.  She imagined the beads of water floating through the air and into the glass.  In her mind she could see the puddle draining and the glass filling with water.


She stopping concentrating and looked at the puddle.  The water was gone.  Mirabel smiled as she saw a glass full of water.  "I did it!"

"Congratulations Miss Trean," Conan shook her hand.  "You are a Water Mage.  You'll begin school here in the fall.  You're dismissed for today.  I'll see you in a few months."

Mirabel couldn't stop smiling as she walked back home.  She was a Water Mage.  Her parents had been right all along.

"How did they know I was a mage?" Mirabel asked herself.  "They never told me they might be mages.  How could they know I was developing powers?"

Mirabel shrugged it off.  "It doesn't matter.  All that matters is that I'm a Water Mage!"


            When she arrived home, Mirabel saw her mother and father sitting in the kitchen.  They didn't talk and looked worried.

"You're home," Carissa said.  She got up and waited for Mirabel to speak.

For a few minutes, Mirabel said nothing.  She liked building the suspense.

"Tell us what the Headmaster said," her father prodded.

Mirabel frowned.  "He said…he said…" her parents expected the worst.  "He said that I'm a Water Mage!"

John and Carissa burst out laughing and smiling with joy.  Their daughter was going to receive the best education Wafira had to offer.

"This is wonderful!" Carissa exclaimed as she bounced with happiness.

"And to think," John said, "she was keeping us in suspense all that time.  We had thought you weren't a mage."

"We're proud of you," Carissa added.  "I'll make your favorite dish for lunch."

Mirabel's smile never faded as her mother cooked her favorite meal.  Her father kept asking her what tests Headmaster Conan had her perform.  Mirabel explained everything to her parents.  All the while, the unforgettable moment she shared with Master Aderes never left her mind.  It wasn't until she finished her lunch that Mirabel realized that rude man was going to be one of her new teachers in a couple of months.

If only Mirabel realized what else Master Aderes was going to be in her life, maybe she wouldn't have been so quick to celebrate.