Chapter 26

Aderes sat beside Mirabel's hospital bed – praying she would wake. After her fall, Trista had burst into Alala's room. Trista wasn't their prisoner, but she had felt something was wrong when Conan said he could not find Aderes or Mirabel. Trista had untied Aderes and run for help once she discovered Mirabel was hurt.

And that was where they were. Three weeks had passed and Mirabel still lay unconscious in her bed.

"This is my luck in life," Aderes said. "Alala is dead and the last person I have in my life might die."

Trista placed a hand on his shoulder. "Mirabel will wake up soon. I knew her for six years. If anyone can overcome this, it's her."

"If you hadn't come, she might be dead already. Thank you."

"I promised Mirabel I would keep her safe from Alala when no one else could. I never intended to break my promise."

Aderes sighed. "I suppose you know that we are actually married now."

"I've known for a while."

"You must be furious."

Trista smiled a little. "I was…at first. Then I realized that Mirabel would never do anything her heart knew was wrong. If she wanted your marriage to be real, then she knew that it was right for both of you. You have my blessing."

"I hope Mirabel lives long enough to receive it."

"She will, Aderes. She will. Give it time."

"Would you mind leaving us alone for a few minutes? I would like to speak with Mirabel in private."

"Of course."

Aderes watched Trista leave the room and shut the door behind her. He returned his attention back to Mirabel. His wife who lay helpless and near death in a strange place.

"God, don't take her from me. I can't suffer another loss."

He held Mirabel's hand and squeezed it. He gazed at her; his own eyes filled with admiration, fear, hope, and love. Aderes knew he could never live without Mirabel. He had experienced so much with her and because of her. She had changed his life for the better.

"Even if I couldn't save my parents, I will save you." Mirabel did not respond. "Please let me save you. Just wake up and we can live forever…together."

Still, there was no response.

"I love you Mirabel," Aderes said, tears building in his gray eyes. "I should have said it sooner and many more times. I regret not appreciating you more than I did."

Aderes remembered all the times they had shared together. He recalled the first time they met when she was only twelve. There was so much innocence and naïveté in her young eyes and face. Mirabel hadn't been blemished by the world's evils at that time. She was a sweet young girl who was only beginning her journey in life. Aderes remembered the day as if it were a photo sitting in front of him. They had hated each other. Now, six years later, they loved each other. As he stared at her nearly lifeless body, Aderes saw the little unsure, twelve year old mage he had grown to love.

"This can't be the end. Your life journey isn't over yet. Six years is not enough time to live a wonderful life as a teen and an adult. You haven't lived yet."

He brushed her cheek and his thoughts drifted to their wedding night. Mirabel had matured so much. It was the first time Aderes had seen her as the bright young woman that she was. Aderes regretted for not seeing it sooner. Too much time had passed by and too quickly.

"I remember our first kiss," Aderes told Mirabel. Tears dripped down his pale cheeks and soaked her bed sheets. "It was perfect. Neither of us had any worries or fears. Time stopped. We loved each other that was all that mattered."

Mirabel did not stir as Aderes continued to talk. "Then we became one. We are a team. Don't break us up, Mirabel. We need each other."

Aderes wept for the first time since his parents' death. Years of anguish broke through his wall of pain. Hidden emotions flowed from his eyes and his heart. He couldn't pretend not to be saddened. His life was one painful event after another. Short breaks of happiness broke up the cycle of torture. Most of those breaks included Mirabel.

"Conan was right. You showed me things no one else could," Aderes said.

He laid his head on her chest and listened to her heart. It beat faintly inside her chest; each beat another struggle.

"You can't go," Aderes pleaded. "I will do anything if you'll wake up. We'll buy a new house. You have my solemn vow that there won't be a drop of black or pink paint anywhere."

Aderes kissed her cold lips. They were a pale pink in color; like a spring rose withering before the winter frost. He prayed in his heart for a miracle. There was nothing he wanted more than for his wife to wake up and embrace him.

"No matter what happens, I will carry you. And you will carry me."

He lifted his head and his tears dripped onto her face. Mirabel felt the coldness and moaned. Aderes held her face in his hands and asked, "Are you awake?"

"Aderes? It is you."

"It's me. You're awake."

Mirabel smiled weakly. "I missed you."

"Never do that to me again!" he bellowed playfully. "I don't think I could live through that again."

"I could never leave you. Is Alala dead?"

"You killed her. She was burned along with Dary two weeks ago. All of her armies have been executed. You did it."

"We can have a life now. Everything is getting better."

Aderes kissed her cheek. "Life is starting to brighten a little."

"From now on, it's going to be smoother. But any problems we encounter, we'll work through together. Agreed?"

"Agreed," he replied with a smile.

Aderes embraced Mirabel, his wife. His life partner until their deaths. Amidst all of life's uncertainties and tribulations, Aderes knew one fact for sure. He would love Mirabel and they would bring joy to each other's lives. It was as simple as A and B.

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