Help this confusion to end
Tell me,
What do you want with me?
A relationship maybe
Or are you not good with commitment?
You told me how you feel
Then steered away from the topic
Like it was hurting you to speak
What is it?
Maybe you don't really feel that way
Maybe you're afraid of what to say
I wouldn't know
So just tell me
What's on your mind?
Is there something you wish to hide?
Don't lie to me
It's the one thing I hate
I don't want to give up everything
If you don't want this
As much as I do
I don't want to lose it all
If you can't feel
If you will let me fall
I'm losing my touch
I'm losing my mind
I need someone to hold me
Tell me I'm fine
So tell me,
Is this something you want?
Or should I just let it drop?