Last night
I finally did
What I've always said I should do
I packed up my things
Took one long last glance
And found the strength to leave you
We had one last amazing day
But something inside me
Knew I couldn't wait for you
In that house
I just couldn't stay
And the whole way home I cried
Remembering each beautiful moment
When I was by your side
I told myself
That what I did was right
Scribbling down that fateful poem
And riding off into the night
My last tear rolled down my cheek
And silently I asked for a sign
Something, anything, to let me know
I would be fine
And then our song came on the radio
And I knew
That leaving you was the right thing to do
I wonder what you did
When you walked in
To find a wrinkled piece
Of notebook paper
Stuck under your phone
With a poem
In my handwriting
Telling you goodbye
That I just couldn't try
That you had walked out
And I had closed the door
Sweetheart, did you cry
When you realized I really meant
What I said
Did the words goodbye
And forever gone echo in your head?
Because they echoed in mine
When I heard the song
Finally heard my sign
And you know what?
Everything really is going to be fine.