What the hell is love?
Why the hell is it so great?
It only breaks people's hearts
Leaves us to hate
The word is so useless nowadays
People say it and get paid
It means nothing to anyone
And when it does
No one believes it
It's all bullshit
People will say anything
To get you in bed
How do three simple words
Cause such anguish, such pain
It's crazy how the mind works
Fucking with your heart
It's not right
That we have to live like this
Always questioning
Always wondering
Where we went wrong
This turns us insane
Makes us panic
Leaves us in pain
The fucking pain that just won't stop
God damn shit
Just won't go away
Tell me what the fuck you mean
You "adore" me?
How the fuck can that be?
I'm flattered, really I am
But you don't even want to know who I am
You know what I look like
And you know my personality
To a certain extent
But I'm not sure that your adoration
Goes any farther than scratching the surface
I want you to love me
Hold me close and never let go
I want to be close to you
But I need to know you feel that way also
So tell me what the fuck you want
I'm sick of waiting for this pain to stop
End it now before I do something,
Something we will both regret