Hee... I should be studying, but this idea is too good to miss. It's not the whole idea, just a sketch to prevent myself from forgetting it. Do tell me how you find it, sometimes ideas I thought was original turn up in stories written before mine. Thanks. =)

Chapter 1: Birth of the weapon


The green block letters flashed three times, at the third, the giant computer screen went blank. The pressure gauge was released from the 'womb' tube cylinder. Hot liquid filled with liquid waste, blood and water drained out from all sides into grates around the cylinder, to be recycled for other fertilized embryos.

With all the murky liquid gone it could finally be seen that a man was in the cylinder. A fully-grown man of whom age was indistinguishable. His flesh was still covered in the white protective goo of a new-born. His skin was botchy red and had a translucent quality; so much so that the veins underneath were rather obvious.

A laser disc spread across the man from his head down to his feet. The man moaned and opened his eyes, only to squeeze it tight again when his weak eyeballs encountered blasting red light. He screamed as his lungs expanded and filled with his first gulp of air.


The green letters flashed past as the laser disc continued to scan the crying man. Each detail was noted.

Finally, the Superior Director entered the room. The android surveyed the man with interest. He turned to the five men standing behind him with hands obediently clasped together in front of them.

" I believe he needs a name?" The Superior Director asked, arching an eyebrow. Being of top rank meant that he was built into an exact replica of a human. The only parts that betrayed him as an android were the red eyes, the fluid movement when he moved and the inhuman strength and speed he possessed.

The humans quivered. They knew that the Superior Director was merely taunting them. Only the very scum of society requires names. Names were mere foul words that humans had used. Androids were much more superior, society is above the individual so having a name is forbidden. Only rank and an additional serial number were acceptable for distinguishing the individual.

Yet the five humans had names. Names they could not remember where they had gotten.

Sky, Hacker, Wind, Melody and Soda looked at their new group member. He had silver eyes and, from the occasional cracking of his eye lids, steel blue eyes.

Melody leaned forward a bit. From the back of her mind a weak tendril of memory came. She frowned and concentrated, trying to gasp the word.....

" Sword." She murmured. The others looked at her. All five were mutants due to the unnatural breeding selections and all five possessed a bit of telepathy connection that the robots had never been able to detect. They nodded in unison.

The Superior Director raised a finger.


The green words recorded its last bit of information.

" Take him away." The Superior Director said.