I've done it again
Put my emotions on the line
Only to get shut down
I always make mistakes
How can something that was so good
Turn out so bad
He said he felt the same way I do
So why is he so reluctant
To go through with this
I'm so confused
We need to talk
But he had to go out
It's my fault
I should have kept quiet
But my mouth,
It's always getting me into trouble
I have to learn to keep quiet
And let things go their own way
I should stop interfering
I'd be better off that way
This will bother me until tonight
I need him to come back
I need to know what's running through his head
I'm stupid to believe I had a chance
Stupid to believe in anything
I should be happy with what I have
And not push for more
So give me some alcohol
And let me pass out on the floor