What the fuck have you done to me?
Was everything all a lie?
That's sure how it all feels right now
I need you to come back to me
And tell me everything
Tell me the whole truth
I'm going fucking crazy
Thinking about our situation
Where this shit is leading me
What direction I'm heading in
Should I go or should I stay
Should I wait this out another day?
What should I be feeling?
Tell me what I should be doing
This day has been fucking crazy
I care about you more than anyone else
And you don't give a flying fuck
You probably laugh at me
And think that what I say is bullshit lies
I'll tell you now,
I am the most honest person you'll meet
And if you don't see that, fine
I'll go-find someone who appreciates me
Find the love and respect I need
I don't need you in my life.
I'll get by without you at my side