"Hey Kodii you've got mail." My brother said, smirking as if he was the smartest person alive to say that little line. I grabbed the envelope out of his hand as he leaned against the door frame and watched me. I looked at me and he smiled widely at me. "What? Am I bugging you?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and opened the envelope that didn't have a return address on it.

Too: Kodii Musiq you've been invited to the Blacksworth Party for the week long break. Pack for warm weather and met at the Fellings air strip on Friday at noon.

"How did YOU get invited to the Blacksworth party?" My brother, Felix asked. I glared at him. I didn't know how I got invited to the biggest party at my new school. I had only been going a month and only talked to Piper Blacksworth twice, once to burrow a pencil and the other to tell her she was in my way to get to my locker. Maybe it was some joke?

"Go away Felix." I said, throwing a pillow at him as he disappeared into the hall. Either he got bored of my silence, got hungry or actually listened to me once. I'm going with the first two.

Anyways, the week long break off of school started Friday, which was in a week. What was I suppose to do? Should I go? It's probably some stupid joke… invite the new girl and watch her suffer out on an air strip that probably doesn't even exist. Haha, NOT funny.


"Kodii at least ACT like your excited. You've been complaining about how you miss your old friends, now is the time to make new friends." My dad said as he pulled into the Fellings Air Strip and I looked at the two people who had arrived before me.

"Dad, I don't want new friends I want my old friends." Was all I said before getting out of the car and grabbing my bags. He'd have a week too think over what I said and feel terribly bad. I know, I'm acting like a drama queen or a witch but I was happy where I lived. He didn't make us move for a job or anything like that, he moved because he WANTED too. That is not a good reason to move a 16-year-old girl who was in the middle of high school.

I walked over to the two other people waiting, I was about ten minutes early so I was just glad I wasn't standing alone looking like a total idiot. There was Piper Blacksworth standing up straight and looking at her watch that rested on her thin pale arms. In stereotypical terms, Piper would be considered a "goth". A filthy rich, popular and smart goth. With raven straight black hair with purple streaks that just brushed her shoulders. Her pale skin made her hair stand out and her dark hair made her grayish bluish eyes stand out. She stood at 5'8, only about two inches taller than me.

"Welcome Kodii, you're the second to arrive. This is Easter Lensing." Easter and I shook hands as she gave me a bright, full of prefect white teeth smile. I managed to crack a smile and greet her. It was kind of depressing being around Easter, she was just… prefect or so close to it nobody really noticed. Once again in stereotypical terms she was the "preppy" girl. The head cheerleader with her bouncy curly dirty blonde hair, that was above her shoulders and big doe brown eyes. She looked naïve and innocent but I didn't know if either was true. She was on the short side though, standing only at 5'3.

"Isn't it a nice day to go on a trip? The suns shining and there's no cloud in sight." And its making me sick, I thought but only nodded to Easter's cheerful comments. Who names their kid Easter? It's just… strange… but yet again, my name is Kodii, spelled funky and screwed up so I guess I shouldn't be making fun of her name. "Oh Carver!" I turned around and my stomach sunk.

"Hey." Carver Settingtons. Your average football and basketball star player. Also the "preppy" guy. Short brown hair styled in that popular spiked style. He seemed to know how to do it without getting the gel to go all white and look like he had flakes. He had blue sparkling eyes and was darkly tan standing at 5'10. I guess Crave was your Abercrombie and Fitch model. It was only destiny that Easter and him should go out, even though Carver hasn't shown any interest in Easter. I'm sure that Easter could persuade him too like her though.

"Haha Kod man." I turned to Maxwell AKA Max AKA the schools stoner and smiled widely. Max, as weird as it is, was the one of the two people at that school I would call my friend. He was the funniest guy, stoned or not and surprisingly REALLY smart, he just didn't do his homework and most of the time didn't bother going to school. He could really use a shower though with his greasy black hair and dark blue eyes that most of the time were glazed over. He always wore baggy clothes that looked ten sizes too big for him, these thick rimmed glasses and stood about 5'7.

"Hey Max." I said, trying not to laugh as he clumsily made his way over to me. Max was most likely stoned right now and I wondered why Piper had invited him. Than again, I was also wondering why she invited me. Max had his sense of humor to fall back on, he was entertaining but me… I was just… me. Kodii Musiq, the new girl, the loner and all that other crap.

"Woo, the Pid piper invited the Mystical." Max said and I laughed quietly. He always was doing that, saying THE before the persons name and the way he said it, with this slow drawl and kind of slurred just made it all that more funny. I turned around to see Misty walking up, her high heels click clacking on the cement loudly.

"Yeah…" I said. Misty Haze everyone. School slut and I say that in the nicest way possible… NOT. Misty has a habit of being a witch and a drama queen. Also she believes she can get any guy… which is probably correct. Her life motto is 'show what god gave you' and believe me, god gave her A LOT. She had deep baby blue eyes with dark red, shoulder length hair. She stood around 5'5, if you subtracted the heels that is… she stood around 5'7 with the heels. Believe it or not, Misty is smart, as in top five kids in our grade. With Max all the way at the bottom.

"Yo' Mystical." Max said with a grin. Max could be kind of creepy but he never hit on me so it was just funny to me. I put a hand over my mouth to keep from busting out laughing. Maybe I'm the only one that laughs at Max but what can I say? I think he's funny stoned or not.

"Hello… KODII." Misty said, emphasizing my name but I knew she was just doing it to get on Max's nerves. The thing is, I think Max fried all his nerves so he just laughs. He laughs when he doesn't get something and laughs when he does so you can never really tell if he can or cant.

"Slade, fashionably late I see." Piper said and I turned to look at Slade Ryder. The "punk" the "skater", the troublemaker." He had his skateboard held in one arm as the other swung loosely at his side.

"Minus the fashionably part." Misty mumbled. Slade and Piper glanced quickly at her but Slade's regular laidback, slightly crooked smile was on his face. Piper on the other hand had a look that strictly said 'close your trap'. Slade had shaggy, unruly, curled at the ends because its too long light brown hair but now you could only see the ends that curled up slightly under his dark brown beanie that had THE OFFSPRING printed on the front of it. Slade was lightly tan, his big green eyes standing out and he was the tallest, standing at 5'11.

"Well since everyone's here, we can board the plane now." Piper said before walking away. Everyone picked up their suitcases or back packs and followed her. Alright, a couple of questions running through my mind as I followed everyone and tried not to laugh as Max tried to get Misty to go behind the tree's with him that were lining each side of the strip. This was all the people that were coming? Where were we going? A plane?

Indeed it was a plane. We left our bigger luggage for some guys to do whatever those people do with your luggage when your riding a plane. Than we got onto the plane and took seats. Easter sat down next to Carver in the front while Misty sat on the opposite side of Carver. Max sat in front of me, making plane noises and than crashing noises making me REALLY nervous. Ok, confessions time! I hate heights, no I DREAD heights! I cant stand them, it makes me get all sweaty and once when I went on a Ferris wheel I blacked out for a couple seconds. Yeah, I got it from my mom who also dreads heights.

"God dang…" I mumbled to myself as I tried to buckle myself in. I finally got it and looked up too see Slade and Max giving me a 'she's crazy' look.

"The Kod man having trouble?" Max asked after a while. Slade plopped down in the seat across the aisle from me and buckled up easily.

"I don't like heights." I said honestly.

"Than don't open the window." Slade said with his slightly crooked smile. I looked over and noticed I was sitting by the window. No no. I unbuckled myself and moved to the aisle seat and buckled up quickly.

"Ah, Kod man need something to calm down?" Max said, raising his eye brows up and down making me let out a nervous crackle.

"Maybe later." I said, my regular excuse to Max. He shrugged than turned around, starting to make shooting noises. I glanced over to Slade to see him shaking his head at Max.

"That guy is so far gone…" Slade said as I laughed.

"Nah, just to Saturn… he'll return to earth sooner or later." I said as Slade chuckled. Guys chuckle, its that low sound. Girls can chuckle too but usually they just giggle, which is annoying but "the giggles", as Max likes to call it, can happen to the best of us.

"Everyone remain seated during the take off." Piper said as she took her seat, two seats behind Easter and them and buckled up. I gripped my arm rests as the plane started to make noises. Than suddenly I was listening to Dashboard Confessional. I cracked open one of my eyes and looked over at Slade who had that slightly crooked smile on his face. I felt my ears and figured out he had put his headphones on me.

"Thanks." I mouthed and he nodded, grabbing a book out of his book bag and slouching low in the seat. I sighed, closed my eyes and let Dashboard Confessional drown out everything else. Maybe this trip wouldn't be so bad.