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I sat in the kitchen, where the eerie silence had taken over everyone about fifteen minutes ago, when I walked in. Maybe I should just put them out of their misery and just tell them the truth? They might think that I'm the one that has been doing those stupid pranks then… I'll just wait until one of them asks.

"Alright! I'm just going to voice what everyone is thinking! Kodii why did you tell that story last night? I mean, if that happened to me I would keep it a secret forever!" Misty yelled and I slowly looked at her. Oh I know now, they all think I cracked. I couldn't help but laugh, I tried to stop it because I knew they would think even worse about me but I couldn't stop.

"Kodii?" Easter squeaked out and I managed to keep my laughter under control.

"Looks like we missed part of the story…" Piper said, cocking her head to the side. So she did know the whole story. Is that why she invited me here?

"It was a prank." I said, smiling easily as I looked wearily at the food placed in front of me. Should I give it a try? No, I can hold off.

"Excuse me?" Misty said, looking as confused as everyone else. Everyone besides Piper looked confused actually.

"It was a prank. The whole thing." I said, looking into my glass of water before drinking it.

"Care to explain?" Piper asked, sitting foreword.

"Nathan, my friend, was shoved into the woods by some Seniors that thought it would be funny because Nathan really believed in that stuff. They made some noises and one of them dressed up in a straight jacket and ripped jeans with a mask on. They scared Nathan so bad that he wouldn't come out of his room for a week. Well Carie, Shawn and I were sick of them picking on Nathan so we convinced Nathan to come out, just as we expected those idiots shoved him into the woods again. Well we put on a whole show of going off into the woods to find Nathan in front of them." I looked around the table at all the eyes on me, making sure none of them were confused so far, than I continued again.

"We had earlier bought fake parts and fake blood, lots of it. We had clothes that was torn apart and bloody, exact ones that we had on. We scattered the stuff around and one by one, as if we were being picked off, we began to scream. Hiding into our places so we could watch them. Shawn, he's a big guy, so he played the killer, bent over Nathan's fake bloody body. He turned around with a big piece of metal to the seniors who had come running in. Before we could jump out SURPRISE! They took off running, all except one who stood there and pissed his pants. Shawn walked foreword, forgetting that he was still in costume, and the guy passed out. We didn't think of anything at the time, so we began to clean up our mess…" I put my cup on the table and looked at all of them in the eye.

"Than what happened?" Slade asked, looking entranced in my story.

"Carie went over to the senior and we heard sirens in the background. Shawn still hadn't changed and was pushing Nathan around jokingly, to prove that nothing was actually in the woods. I told Shawn to go get changed and hid the evidence of what we did. We were going to make it seem like they were all crazy. Carie screamed that he was cold, really cold. I ran over to the senior and touched his hand, it was cold. The sirens got closer and I told Carie to go towards the sirens. Nathan stood behind me, watching. When the police got their, they tried their best to see what happened to the guy. He wasn't dead, he had an attack… that's what they said to us. He had high or low blood and couldn't take the shock. We went down to the police station and all of us confessed to what we had down, all except Nathan who just kept saying that that bastard deserved to die. That he was the one always pushing him into the woods and tormenting him because he wasn't as big as everyone else… Shawn was two years older than us, he had failed but he was sent off to jail. Carie got community service, since she hadn't done anything like this before. Nathan was sent off to a boys home, they announced him mentally unstable." I snickered at this.

"What happened to you?" Easter asked.

"I had done other pranks like this before, so community service was out of the question. Though I hadn't really done anything against the law so they couldn't send me to jail… they were still in question for what when I went to school a couple days later, I really didn't notice all the looks until I was dragged outside and threatened that if I didn't run, they'd do much worse than some stupid prank to me. So my father said we were planning to move here anyways and the court decided that community service would have to do." I said, finishing off my story.

"Jeez…" Carver said as I looked at my cup in front of me.

"The paper really doesn't tell you anything." Piper said, shaking her head and smirking. I looked up at her and glared.

"Is that senior ok?" Easter asked and I turned my glare to her.

"I hope not." I said even though I knew he was. He had come out of a coma two days before I got the invitation.

"So you're the one that did all those disgusting pranks." Misty said in a matter-of-fact voice. I knew this was going to come up.

"Obviously not. Why would I eat something with roaches in it?" I asked, now glaring at Misty.

"To cover up that you were the one that did it. It would make sense, wouldn't it?" Misty looked around the table. I really hope someone gets to punch her by the time this trip is done. Correction, I really hope I can punch her by the time this trip is done.

"Yes because I really like spilling my guts in front of everyone." I said, my glaring intensifying. Misty snickered and rolled her eyes.

"Likely story." Misty said. I picked up Easter's coffee and her eyes went wide. I stood up and she stood up also, moving behind were Slade was sitting.

"Looks like you need more Easter, I was going to get myself some do you want some?" I asked, looking down at Easter kindly. She smiled at me and nodded. I grabbed my cup and poured some coffee into both.


"Kodii, you better watch out who you make enemies with." Slade said, sitting next to me outside on the back porch. I watched the rain fall overhead and shatter on the ground. Slade chuckled next to me and I looked over at him. "Actually, I should be warning Misty who she makes enemies with. Good prank too… well besides the whole getting caught bit… if that kid hadn't of had an attack, do you think you would of gotten caught?" Slade asked. I looked back out at the rain and nodded my head.

"Yeah we would of." I said, leaning my head back against the house.

"But you had it all planned out…" Slade mumbled.

"One of us always ended up telling. Out of guilt or gloating. We would hear stories about our pranks all over the school and its not like we could be like NO that's not how it happened! So one of us always ended up telling. We'd get in trouble and that's that." I said with a shrug.

"Was… Was Nathan really-"

"No, he was autistic. That's all but I had lived next door to him long enough to know that he wasn't stupid or mentally unstable. He could do any mathematical question in a minute flat, science was a breeze for him… speech was his downfall though. He wasn't good at speaking, let alone in front of a lot of people. He rattled off and babbled, making people THINK he was crazy." I said, knowing my best friend.

"Do you keep in contact with everyone?" Slade asked, fiddling with his fingers.

"Yeah, even though my dad doesn't want me too. He says they are a bad influence. Shawn gets out in another month and he said the first thing he wants to do is drive us all to Burger King and pig out." I said, chuckling lightly at the letter I had read. It wasn't Slade's writing, he probably got some kid to write it for him. "They said Shawn was stupid but he had a picture perfect memory and a car so none of us really questioned him." I said and Slade nodded.

"I have a friend like that. Sometimes I believe he's really the smartest kid but he's just modest… than he'll say something stupid and I'll forget about that idea." I laughed at this and shook my head.

"Who do you think is next?" I asked out of the blue. Slade looked at me, confusion written on his face. "Well I was first into revealing my past and its pretty obvious everyone here has one and Piper is going to go one by one on us." Slade's eyes went wide.

"Crap, didn't think of that… I hope its Misty, and than I hope someone smacks her… I would but I cant hit girls." Slade said and I laughed.

"What if she smacked you?" I asked.

"If she had a good reason too than I wouldn't." Slade answered.

"What if she kicked you-"

"If she had a good-"

"In the balls?" Slade's eyes went wide.

"THAN I'd smack her." We both laughed. "We'll just wait and see…"

"What about Piper? She's got to have some skeletons in her closet." I said.

"Like I said, we'll just have to wait and see… sit back and relax, maybe she's going from least past to worst." Slade said.

"Or from worst to least…" I muttered, looking back out at the rain and leaning against Slade.


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