The Journal

Chapter 2

Great Gramps Party

Wow. You'd think that after one hundred years a person would just give up living. But not great grandpa Reynolds. Noooo he decided to drain every last bit of life out of his body before passing on. Not only that but he decided to write research and write about every living and dead member of the family for 'future generations'.

This was only the family party though. The news crews had come on his actual birthday to interview him and everything yesterday. No this was the quite family party with every known relation under the sun in my house to honor great gramps.

He was a nice man; I'd always liked listening to his stories when I was little. But I'm nineteen now and he still treats me like that little boy who used to sit on his lap and listen attentively to tales about London back in the early twentieth century. But I still kinda like him, I guess.

The living room was packed with people all sitting on chairs talking and listening. I think most of them seemed to forget that we were here for great gramps rather than a family reunion. The old man was sitting in the easy chair just surveying and watching the happenings around him. Every once in a while someone would come and say happy birthday and congratulate him on being so old. But every time he'd try and start a conversation with any of them they would move on.

I guess I felt kinda bad that he should be all alone like that at his own birthday party. That's how it all started. I went to ask him how he was doing. His eyes lit up as I pulled a chair up next to him and we began a casual conversation about how he was feeling and how school was going for me. He was very proud of me having just started college that fall, he was constantly saying so.

"So have you read any good books lately?" I asked him knowing how he loved to read all the time. A lot of the time the books he read were quite boring about historical stuff or political stuff. But sometimes he'd hit a good one and would tell me about it.

"Actually yes I did. It's in my bag up in the room if you'd like to see it. Why don't you run up and fetch my bag. I think you'll like this one." He voice was a bit raspy but it was hard making you feel compelled to listen to him and not turn away.

Interested to see this new book I ran up to the guest room where he had spent the night and grabbed his bean bag off the floor at the foot of his bed. I carried the bag down stairs where he was still sitting by himself waiting for me.

"Here you are." I placed the bag at his feet. He leaned over slowly and began rummaging in the bag until he had found the most beat up piece of junk I had ever seen.

"This is it." He said holding it out to me. It was a book, if a very old one. It was one of those journal type books with leather bindings.  I opened it up and saw the handwritten pages.

"What is this?" I asked handing the book back.

"It's a journal, I found it in a pile of boxes not too long ago. Do you remember those boxes that I was sorting through to see if I had anything for the historical society?" I remembered. Bramps had so much old stuff collected that he thought the National Historical Society could use some of it so he decided to sort through all his boxes. A couple of my aunts had helped him out and they had elected me to carry box after box of dust and old junk.

"Well I found a small trunk in one of them that belonged to my grandmother, that would be your great great great grandmother. I never knew much about her except that she lived in Africa with her parents who were archeologists. No one knew much about her until I found this."

"What is it?" I wondered becoming a bit intrigued by the story.

"It's her journal. Actually it's the first of many she wrote. She locked them up in a trunk and hid the key, I had to break the lock to get inside. She was your age when she wrote this first journal."

"Really?" I know I didn't need to say something but I felt like I had to, to make sure he knew I was still interested.

"Would you like me to read it to you? Perhaps I can make it sound a bit more interesting if I add a few things here and there."

"That sounds good." I said pulling my chair up close to his so I could look over his shoulder and lean against the side of the easy chair.

He opened the book to the first page and began reading.


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