Rape me again

Youre no better than him
You've raped me again
Tied my hands and bound me in place
Beneath that heartless stare
While I sitting her try not to cry
Try not to scream
I sit motionless
While you defile me again

Hungrily probing into my life
Sniffing at the lose threads
that hold together my world
slowly unraveling them
exposing me to the pain
all over again

And yet I don't flinch
Ive gone beyond tears
Theres nothing left to cry
Ive gone beyond fear
Theres nothing left to doubt
You are a monster
You feed on my plight
You are a monster
That hunts in the light

I thought I was saved when I saw you passing there
Bright light and uniforms and arms open wide
Taking me in hiding me away
So you can torture me while he gets away

I thought you were a protector but now I know I was wrong
I should have died there defiled and alone
At least id have pride left to stand on my own
At least id have knowledge I could make it on my own
But now here with you
Beneath that merciless stare
I wish you would take me back
Throw me under the stair
Nail back the boards I pried loose with my teeth
Relatch the window I fell through in defeat
Replace that gag that kept my spit from his face
Retie the bounds that kept my wrist from his neck
Replace the fence I knocked down in my haste
Redo the damage he did in that place

Rape me again