The Way

It was a bright sunny day. The warm spring air felt so good on my face. I had always taken for granted that I would live in the sunlight. The psychiatrist told me to write down everything that has happen. I hope that this will help me cope with the aftermath of everything. I still have nightmares. However, it is getting better. I don't have the shakes or the sweating.

It has been awhile since that awful day that I found out I was different. Because of this, people were ready to put me in a lab and see what made me tick.

That night was just like any other. John, Sara, and I had just gotten done playing dodge ball and we were drinking some ice-cold lemonade on the porch. John was the dark hair handsome guy with beautiful brown eyes. Sara was the opposite she was petit and had blond hair and green eyes. Me, I was just your average girl 5' 7", red long hair and amethyst eyes. My figure wasn't great but it was not bad. I inherited my eyes from the Japanese ancestry from my mother's side of the family. I had an uncle named Ken and he looked a lot like me.

Uncle Ken was my favorite. He would teach me swordsmanship when he was staying with us. I was a natural at karate and was on the swim team at CNU. My mother had died when I was 10 and Ken's mom had taken me in. Our family was unique. They never said much but weird things would happen to us. We had a cousin who swore she talked to ghosts. Another who had premonitions. Me I was normal but I was finding it harder and harder to block out certain things that I could not explain.

My Aunt Tina, Uncle Ken's mom was so much different than my mom had been. She was more refined and she had this look as if she knew when things would happen. I asked her once why she was this way and she said that I would understand when I was older. Uncle Ken was 25 and he had that power that seems to be all around him.

We had just finished our drinks when three men came up to our house. The power of evil was all around them. I refused to bow to the feeling that they were going to take me away. The one man was creepy and the other two just kept looking at me.

"May I help you?" I asked politely.

"Is this the Wills residence?" asked the one beady eye gentleman.

"Yes it is may I help you". I asked curtly.

"Is Ken Wills home?"

"He's not here. I don't know when he will be home." I said with a scowl on my face. He made me nervous as if he could read my mind.

"When he gets in tell him that Hiko says hello, and we can hit him where it hurts." Said the swarthy man.

They all left and by then I saw that Sara and John had, both looked curiously at me. I just shrugged my shoulders. They left to cross to their house and I went inside. The house was safe and yet I still felt uneasy.

I was very confused and worried. My Aunt had decided to spend some time with her sister-in-law and she wont be back until Thursday.

I knew I would get in trouble, but I had to talk to Ken. I knew that my Aunt kept his number in her personal phone book. I pulled it out and saw it was a NY phone number. I dialed the number and listen to it ring.

"Hello", said a voice.

"Uncle Ken it's me Amber" I said.

"Amber what's wrong" he said in a quiet voice.

"Some strange man was here for you. He said to tell you that he was from the H Group and they could find you anytime and make you pay." I told him. "Are you in trouble" I said. I really got some weird vibes from them. Your mom is visiting her sister-in-law and I am alone in the house.

"I want you to pack a bag and wait for a friend of mine to pick you up. She will be driving a red sedan. "Her name is Kerri and she will beep the horn for you. I don't want you to worry. She is very good at what she does. I will see you sometime tonight." He said.

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