Pin the Morality on the Hypocrite

Crusader the clown

Is very open-minded

He's civil to African Americans

And claims to love babies

By not supporting abortion

But could care less about the death penalty

Or the "other people" being killed at war

Our wonderful clown

Has never shot anyone

He loves people he can't tolerate

But it never occurred to him

That it's harder for us to tolerate him

Than it is for him to tolerate us

Because he's closed-minded

Crusader the clown

Drank his way through college

Has "missing" military records

Judges my religion

Hates my relative whom he never met

But I'll just let that go

Because he's a man of God

People love clowns

They say they want someone smart

But we'll have to settle for moral

Even Sr. can't buy intellect

But he can buy a Bible

And the support of the masses

Through a tangled web of lies

He won't be a clown anymore

He doesn't have to be a draft dodger

Or closed-minded and oblivious

Or a former drunk

Because he apologized

Which was never enough for Clinton

Who never started a war

Just pin the morality on the hypocrite

And he becomes a man of God

Out to liberate a people

Unite us as a nation

Spread a love for America

Share a loving God's supposed hatred…

…of the sin, not the sinner

Our stupid clown

Can't figure out how I feel

As a bi-curious Wiccan

He's just as against my religion

As I could ever be against his

But I never said that I hated him

Just what he's done

Horrid clown

Gets off easier than I do

Because his religion is "right"

And he's not an abomination

But it's the same principle

So just pin the morality on the hypocrite

And our clown will be re-elected