Chances (Fade to Gray)

Who has time to contemplate the societal breakdown?
Since I am labeled as a malignant cancer
Put on sale, sold as markdown
Just because I do not have an answer
To all these questions in my head
Do I take these chances?
And be myself
Or watch myself
Fade to gray
I think I will take my chances
And fade away

You tell me I am a deviant
Don't I know it?
You call me mad
Don't you see it?
You laugh at me
Yes, I believe it
But watch your chances
Fade to gray
And watch your chances
Fade away

Who has time to stargaze at the sky?
When she is watched herself like birds on a wire
I am strong as steel and wonder why
So hard to put out as a fire
I think I will take my chances
Fade to gray
I will be myself