The Adventures of Pepsi Remington. Volume 1: The Haunted Lighthouse
Chapter 1: And So It Begins

Hey folks, this is my first attempt at writing for kids. If anyone has any advice for me, I welcome constructive criticism. I hope to make a series of
this, so please tell me if you enjoy it. Thanks! Now on to chapter one!
Pepsi Remington was eight when she first discovered, to her great displeasure, that ghosts seemed to be drawn to her.

Her fourth stepfather had just died in a freak laundry accident. The coroner had told Pepsi and her mother that he had slipped on some soap suds, hit his head against the shelf holding the detergent and bleach, and fallen face first into the washing machine, drowning himself.

Pepsi wasn't surprised at the news. Her mother's husbands all seemed to meet strange ends. Stepfather Number One had been trampled to death by an elephant that had escaped from the nearby zoo. Number Two had been strangled by a yo-yo that had somehow wrapped around his neck while he was showing Pepsi how to walk the dog. Number Three had decided to go bungee jumping as part of his mid-life crisis and had fallen to his death when the bungee cord snapped.

Her real father had died when she was a baby after he had won The Great American Peanut Eating Competition, only to discover that he was, in fact, deathly allergic to peanuts. Pepsi wasn't sure if this allergy was hereditary, but she had decided at an early age to stay away from nuts of all kinds.

As a result of these numerous accidents, Pepsi had come to the conclusion that her mother was cursed as well as crazy. Other people called Mrs. Remington (who never changed her last name, no matter how many husbands she went through) eccentric, which is just a polite way of saying that she was completely off her rocker.

While she and Pepsi were originally from Wisconsin, she was constantly moving her around to different cities, states, and often even different countries. Pepsi's age hadn't even reached double digits yet and she had already lived on all seven continents at least once.

Her own name was given to her one freezing winter in Greenland when her mother had developed an obsession for Pepsi and insisted that everyone in the house drink six glasses of it a day to keep healthy. Pepsi could only thank her lucky stars her mother hadn't become as fond of Mountain Dew.

At the time of Number Four's death, Pepsi and her mother were living in Scotland. On the morning of his funeral, she decided to take a walk through the large graveyard while Mrs. Remington finished reading the five hundred stanza poem, she had insisted on writing for her deceased husband, in Yiddish (never mind that neither she nor Number Four were Jewish).

The graveyard was very old with crumbling headstones, overgrown by moss and weeds. It looked as though a lawnmower had never touched the long grass, and Pepsi had practically had to wade through it.

Many people are afraid of being alone in graveyards, but Pepsi had become so accustomed to death that she didn't even notice that her surroundings. She did notice, however, when a very fat, translucent man rose from a grave and said,


Pepsi dropped the dandelion and water lily bouquet her mother had given her to hold during the funeral and screamed. The ghost looked bored at this reaction which he probably got every time he popped out of graves to greet people and twiddled his see-through thumbs. Pepsi turned around and ran back to the funeral as fast as humanly possible, tripping on hidden tree roots as she went.

From that day on, she seemed to meet ghosts wherever she went. Whether she had simply not noticed ghosts before, or whether she'd had to reach some sort of dead stepfather quota first, Pepsi never figured out why she only started seeing them eight years into her life, but she decided that she much preferred her life before they came along.