A/N:  This was something I thought up earlier, and wanted to write down.  ^-^  Enjoy, and leave me some lovin'!  ^-^

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Shadows cast upon a summit left behind

A haunting reflection

Of a two-hour climb

Shrouded with the setting depths of the sun

Always a mystery

But a journey as one

The hike feels eternal

The summit, so far

By day, a great shadow

By night, filled with stars

I long to awake

On your bedding of rock

To pick your sweet berries

And the forest to stalk

Discover the truth on this un-dying place

A day in the heights

An almost reach up to space

A venture alone

To your great streams, I fall

A sip from the spring

My heart surrenders all

Water to soothe me

A light wind to find

White clouds roll by me

Like none of any kind

Now as I sit in my home far away

I long to be near you

And forever stay

A soul crying out for just one more day

A desire to ride up

And toss all cares away

A mountain so great

That not even sunlight can creep by

Every single sector of your beauty

No matter how much it may try

A mystery kept in the summit above

A piece of land etched with beauty

Any dreamer's plight of true love

One lifetime cannot solve

The mystery that runs through

But I will sure try

Now how about you?

~Written earlier after reading one of Mandy's poems.  Well, that, and for Black Mountain. ^-^ So far; that's my favorite one to hike. ^-^ And the sun really does cast some eerie shadows onto it as the day floats by. ^-^  I really do wonder if there is a mystery- as it comes up as being- almost 'haunted;' versus the other mountains which don't carry that type of sparking intuition. ^-^ But, anyway, please R/R!  And be kind.  Nobody likes a flamer.  ^-~ Thanks, and come again!  3