A/N:  A little something I wrote for two of my darling friends.  ^-^  Enjoy, and be kind!  ^-^

DISCLAIMER:  My poem; my thoughts; my everything.  Too tired, and lazy to write down the rest.  ^^;; But, you all get the idea, right?  ^^7

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A love brought together by the coming of night

Two spirits together

An eternal plight

Together they sail

Like the waves to the shore

Friendship turning to romance

A love, evermore

One shedding a tear

For a past love gone wrong

But little did they know

Soulmates were them all along

In the darkness, she waited

Behind walls, he stood

Two spirits thinking they could never love

But to discover they could

An angel to bring them together at last

A promise to keep

A spirit steadfast

The winds of tomorrow call them to the new day

Once best friends

Now lovers

Finally finding their way

Out from the pain that had once held them dear

Release from the tears that had fallen

When no loved ones were near

Now out of darkness

Two shadows float by

But do not be afraid

Nor ask yourself why

These are spirits of light

No harm do they seek

Just an afterlife spent together

A journey to the peak

One final look back

And a smile to the skies

They take off with knowing

There will be no more goodbyes

~For my two darling homies that recently hooked up.  ^-^ Mad Clown Love, dudes!  ^-^

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