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Lightning streaks across the sky

Thunder booms

Not knowing why

Clouds of black surround my heart

The rain falls down

A short depart

I feel the hands of darkness near

But yet I walk on

Away from here

Past the planets

Past the skies

Past the nights of wondering why

A journey to the edge

Yet I will not fall

Forced to break, and surrender all

Running to nowhere

A reason unknown

A being wished to be left alone

I pine for rest and shelter to hide

But my storm comes to find me

And yanks me out from inside

The further I run

The higher I climb

Seems like a bleak waste of this valuable time

About to give up

But instead comes the sun

A last string of hope before this journey is done

The breaking of clouds

The dawn of new day

Cool mist to refresh as I sail on away

Away from what haunts me

Away from the rain

Away from the tears, and the blood, and the pain

A warm ray surrounds me

I stand up once more

And drift with the tide from the once-beaten shore

No tears do I shed

No lightning that cracks

Just a nod to the heavens with no looking back

A walk to the mountains

I make my depart

A challenge of life for a thunder heart

~Please R/R!  ^-^ Not written for anyone, really.  Inspired by a dear friend's poem, more or less.  The title I randomly thought up, though.  ^-^ Be kind, now!  And thanks for reading, as always!  ^-^ 3