How I wish I could take back these years,
and give them to someone else.
I wish I could absolutely obliterate and annihilate
these lost, forsaken memories that I know are there.
For I am nothing.
The nothingness is me, it's who I am.
But you can't stand that, can you?
You don't want me to be happy.
You just want what you can get.
But how about for me?
I'm stuck with nothing, like before.
Because you don't feel anything, at all.
At all.
One more time and I'll be broken,
laying in my own blood,
lost to all who ever knew me,
and I'll finally win.
These feelings that I never knew,
they're holding me back.
From pulling you down with me here.
You say you can almost hear me scream.
But from what?
There is nothing to scream about.
I'm in no pain.
Except for the pain you put me through.
Telling me what I believe is wrong,
telling me what I believe is nonsense.
But they are my beliefs.
They aren't yours. They are mine.
And I have a right to believe what I wish.
They were my thoughts the last time I checked,
and even a child has a right to own their own thoughts.
But you can't stand that, can you?
I have to be just like you.
I can't be me.
I have to be perfect, just like you.