I can think Jesus had good ideas

But I don't think His followers care

When they don't love their enemy

And they judge those who are different

My best friends are Christians

But they wouldn't vote for Bush

Just because he pretends to be

A righteous man of God

He's pro-life and anti-gay

And many people look at these issues

Overlooking the war or the economy

And I won't say I'm better

People clump me into a box

Of people who hate all the Christians

And I know I come off that way

But I swear that I don't

My point is that he uses the faith

To prove himself a good man

And he can be a good person

Just because he's Christian

But if he used another faith

For the very same purpose

Majority rules, doesn't it?

He would never have gotten this far

There's nothing wrong with Christianity

But there's something wrong with him

And how he uses faith against us

By calling himself a man of God

I'm in an anti-Bush group at school

Its leader is my Catholic friend

Who believes for the right reasons

Unlike Bush