Pieces interlocking,
Forming a picture of your life as you lead it.
Different pieces for your family,
Your friends,
The girls you love.
Some fade away as individuals drift away,
Others stay, forever parts of your jigsaw puzzle.
Eighteen years of those rough cardboard pieces,
All part of who you are supposed to be.
I sit with you, helping you work on your life,
Assisting you when pieces seem not to fit,
Comforting you when frustration rules,
Being honest as I promised to be.
Now, now I look down at the colorful piece I hold,
The part of me I gave to help in the completion of your puzzle.
My eyes flow down all we've done together,
And I wonder,
Am I a puzzle piece belonging in another puzzle?
For as I look, there is no place for me here.
Once, once long ago I did belong,
The center of it all,
But you looked again and saw one part of me didn't quite fit.
So I am removed, set aside until I interlock again,
I wait for you, wasting away day after day,
Holding onto the invisible ties of a dream,
An empty dream.
You know no more than I where my piece belongs.
Perhaps I'm not meant to belong in your puzzle.
I set my piece aside, pick up another,
Ignoring the pain as it bites my fingertips,
Taking her, the piece of the one you truly love.
I press her down into the puzzle, tears falling as it locks in place,
There where the piece I hold of me,
No longer belongs.