Any relation to characters, concepts, etc. is purely coincidental or inspiration. Any reference to licensed items (movies, products. etc.) is not product placement, nor do I own any – it's all fun. This story contains depictions of violent, suggestive language and subject matter. Parental discretion advised. [PG-13]

Chronos EO: Omni-Prospect

[Stage 0 :: Prologue]

June 23, 2023: Unknown

"Ok Tseng..." a calming face assured. "...let's hope we have nothing to... worry... about... abou... abo... ab... a..." her voice fades as reality stretches beyond time, the hum of electricity is tranquil. The smile is worried, but loving, as the scenery distorts away in its tube-like fashion, all that is recognized is the blue in what used to be her eyes a minute ago...or years ago. Strands of her light brown hair faintly caress as connections to the body decreases. It's cold, and black has hazed itself all around. An omni-presence is assumed. To feel like a ghost would be a more appropriate statement...

Fragments of walls are seen in the pale distance as vision is rotating for a broader view; the compressing walls prove to be more than that – machinery, closing into what seems to be making a circular room – a dome. As the routes of the wires are traced; an infestation of electronics is noticed. There are switches that can lead to anything and three huge LCD screens although detached from all else but the screen itself – a floating, thin layer of translucent monitor. Humid air occupies what's left of the small space filling the lungs thickly and unpleasantly.

One chair in the middle of it all cradles a man; from the base his feet rest firmly on the cold floor cradled like a ninja's foot in its black split toe sandals. Although baggie; his old and somewhat odd cream samurai pants could not hide his thin legs as his knees look as if they could pierce through the cloth. Slender fingers tap his left arm rest in the same motion of his right typing keys, all wrapped in leather - a half coat to be exact. This elongated man carries sharp features to his face; nose, chin, cheeks, and the eyes of a jackal. Long, greasy grey hair covers his shoulders, his thin moustache bends as a smile crosses his wrinkled face...

Through his eyes, it seems as though the male figure is into research, familiar research is reflected the optical, faces and bodies fill the screens. A pierce through the heart is felt as one's realization becomes personal; the faces are known very well over the light scan lines. The back of his head illuminates as he leans away from his chair toward the screens, gazing with a chuckle only to mutter "See you in hell Switchers..." His twig finger caresses a key below the monitor as the pictures delete "And this will make sure the plan goes accordingly...?" He seems to have a double mentality as one side of the face proves more cynical "Yes of course, it's good on both levels – I get my revenge, and you become God himself, we can both die in peace..." The blasphemy heard pitches pain into the ears as though enough has been heard.

The door creaks, disclosing a teenage boy, his dark skin foreshadows his face in the dimness of the room ", alright?" He slants in nervousness.

Sitting completely still as the chair's back makes it all that is visible, the man replies "Why would you ask that? I sound alright don't I?"

"W-well yeah, it's just you been here for a while and..." He stops himself, running his fingers through his dark dreadlocks "...You know, I just thought...maybe you should have come out already..." The boy continued to stair at his khakis overlapping his blue sneakers.

"...Of course you know it's none of your concern right? I told you I would give you your orders leave..." The back of his hair continued to illuminate and darken as he rocked his chair.

His fist trace from the side of his pants to his blue t-shirt; trembling as his went from monotone to angry. "O-ok dad..." He turned toward the door, biting his lip as he exited.

"Why did you have to be so harsh...?" The man's face became sour "...Because he has no business in our business! Why should you care anyway...?" sour went from calm to weary "...He's MY cre...he's my...son..." The bitterness returned with a smile "...Oh well, that's the least of our worries, as long as those switchers continue to meddle with us more will suffer at their cost..."

A scent of burning is inhaled...

"...Anything will be possible in us...!" He proclaims as his eyes glisten.

Shudders are felt; the body is reconnected. The intensity increases as shudders pulse into convulsion...

"...One of them will deny the rest..." His face glows.

Air is thin, faintness has overcome, and saliva is foamy and bitter...

" of them WILL die, and then they will believe me when I say...time is NOBODIES object..." his face distorts, morphing into satanic contours only to fade away into darkness with the rest of the surroundings.

The eyes widen as the vision returns to a blur, the calming face is now concern, the harshness of her slap is felt, but response to her calls is not plausible. Enough has not been said, the statement is not complete...

"'s MINE!"

The voices have switched. "Ts...Tse...Tsen...Tseng...are you alright...? Tseng!?" The background is too blurry, but her faces are visible; there are more then one due to the pulsating, lack of clearness and concentration "TSENG!" The state of shock has left him out of control...of himself...and of the problem, because until something actually happens... anything can happen...

[End :: Stage 0]

*          *          *

That was basically a little teaser, it may seem confusing, but for scenes like that (they'll be explained later on) I wanted to put the reader in the eyes of Tseng, but at the same time make it feel cinematic, like create viewing angles using similes and metaphors  (I just hope you can figure them out) and other tricks. If it seems boring right now, bare with will definitely get bigger and more action packed. :)

- LeShaun Johnson