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Chronos EO: Omni-Prospect

[Stage 3 :: Pre-Launch]

Having used the slow motion, Hiroshi had already broken the vow he made 3 years ago – the year his and the other chrono switcher's pursuit of the Omni-Prospect  had ended. For him, his powers over time didn't matter anymore, having come from the past; he never could get used to the advances of technology – even with his unusual upbringing.

The 1400's were his home as he came from a family of royalty, but one would never find them in any history book. They were constant travelers, couldn't stay in the same area twice, see, this kingdom was more advanced in the art of science; always coming up with ideas. Which was why they were always being hunted, how he came to be in the 21st century is a mystery even to him, only his mission was clear; to retrieve his sister Umi...

Sensing the grappling darts, Hiroshi swiftly gripped them together; twisting as the sharp ropes wrapped about him.

Using Hiroshi's momentum, the man rose as he suspended himself up. Noticing his opponent's situation; the man drew Hiroshi closer, breathing against his profile.

...At this point in time, if Hiroshi wanted to live, not using his power wasn't an option...

"Screw the vow..." He hissed, flexing energy out of his body as the sharpened cables exploded beyond the man's clutch. The pieces flew past the view; shaking the scenery. The remaining scraps flapped to retract their way through the individual's forearm guard – as if to have a life of their own.

The unnamed character sported the same guard on his opposing arm, a ragged chest piece, with lopsided shoulder plates. He looked to be poor; the pigment of his skin contrasted the colorless amour, his face was very sharp, revealing an age of about twenty-one. One could barely notice his eyes under his thick; black dreadlocks...

Sliding the stance, the opponent taunted Hiro, waving his limbs at a liquid pace; with blurred motions trailing behind. With a quick jolt, his arms bent to his sides as he snapped his right leg to Hiroshi's head, firing himself and Hiro into the air.

As he spun back, Hiroshi's vision heightened; slowing the motion of the area as he fixed his view upon the man. Chasing his right leg with his left, the flipping individual straightened his mid-air posture into a diving formation. As he paralleled with the ground, the force of the kick shot him toward the broken window. Upon reaching outside, the only thing visible was rain gradually splashing on his feet, as more of his visible body flew through the window, more would be invisible outside – minus the rain droplets. Completely engulfed in the shower, the man had now regained his invisibility.

Now also parallel with the ground, the surrounding distorted before Hiroshi as he blasted his way to the man; carrying a tail of debris, shards and miscellaneous behind him, like a tornado of objects. He could hear the smash of the rubble to the walls while tore through the window, water spraying his eyes. He halted to the edge of the next building; rain splashing the energy swirling around him, the wreckage dropped past him as he examined the narrow passage between the buildings. He noticed the dust forming over the figure; he seemed to be hanging off the window ledge below him. Hiro plunged toward him.

In his realization, the man dove for the ground; face first, the dust began to wash off of him, but the speed of his dive propelled more droplets to crackle around him, make his presence more visible. As the concrete became closer; so did Hiro, like a sky diver releasing a parachute, the man let his legs replace the position of his head as he readied to land.

Hiroshi speed increased to the point of passage; the man was now above him. His hands reached the ground before his feet followed, upon landing, he quickly gazed up prepared for the individuals approaching. Splinters of rain grazed past his face as he watched the man advance, suddenly the rain began to part like the eye of a hurricane until Hiro was completely free of rain drops, although he could still hear the showers around him. "The guy should have landed by now…" he thought to himself as the rain reversed its parting to engulf in the rain once again. "He's…gone…it's like he left in a…time portal…" Hiro's eyes widen to his realization…

 Hours later, Hiroshi sat in the middle of his small kitchen; shivering in his blue blanket as he hugged his wife's cold body, although he was still wet, one could still tell the tears apart from the drizzle. He remembered Tseng telling him that they would launch tomorrow "…Looks like Tseng's gonna get the help he wants after all…" He muttered, squeezing Natski harder as he realized his only real family left was Umi…

*          *          *

July 24, 2024: Tokyo

The loud buzz of machinery masked the training room; a large, metallic cylinder. A glare was caught from the viewing window a storey up as a behemoth-like creature eclipsed itself into the view. Bulging muscles, veins coursing throughout his rag-clad body with eyes of a pearl highlight – at a first glance one could see that it wasn't nice; scan-lines seemed to rise along its lucid structure as it searched for his prey…

Although, this one wasn't very smart either, it's a typical stereotype, but he was meant for fighting and fighting only, though, for Rone, it proved to be more than training, it was a test of skills – it was also fun, "Alright dumb ass, give up already – you can't possibly think I'm down there, damn!" his lips murmured, as the rest off his body came into sight; suspended from the thin ledge opposite the wide screened viewing window.

The top of his blonde, spiked hair blocked all sight of the confused behemoth through the narrow ceiling view, though; Tseng was seen monitoring Rone's actions. Definition increased as Rone tightened the grip of his forearms, the blue body suit stretched across his short; but buff posture as he squirmed to comfort.

Tseng noticed his fidgety movements as he leaned toward the microphone, "God Rone, can't you hold still, this guy's stupid, but he can still hear you wiggle." The struggling Rone reflected across Tseng's specs while he rose to his traditional stature; arms clasped behind his back.

"Sorry, I just hate these suits; it's like wearing briefs, except my balls aren't the only things that can't breathe," Rone muttered as a small ear piece provided the quiet communication, "don't worry 'bout me, jus' make sure you have my sword ready…"

"I'm uploading it now…" Tseng assured, shooting his fingers along the keyboard. The training observation area was small; three chairs behind mounted, monitor-less computers with Tseng on the middle station. His index curved a bit as he pounded the enter key revealing a suspended flickering of screen noise proving to be the monitor. "I'm gonna give you the original – no add-ons okay?" He said; examining the wire-frame display of a thick, symmetrical sword. "Just say when…"

Rone stretched each glove-covered hand, "Ok, let's get this over with…I still got it…"

"I sure hope so…" Tseng thought, supporting his slanted pose over the right of the station. He stressfully brushed his free hand through his hair, putting Rone in his sight.

Letting his body hang, Rone stretched his legs and feet; vibrating as he reach his maximum length, "…'kay…" In unison; each finger unlocked, releasing his body like a pencil dive, "NOW!" He whispered.

"…Right!" Tseng pounded the enter key; the loading bar filled one hundred percent as green; glowing particles began flowing around Rone.

Raising his hands to a crucifix position; the particles began to form behind him. Bending forward, Rone positioned himself to a diving formation. As the product became visible; the upturned Rone suddenly clutch his hands above his head; grasping long handle of his upright, extended sword. The puzzled monster grew larger in sight as Rone flew closer. The scenery twisted and turned as Rone spun his way to an erect stance; slowing his speed and in a matter of seconds, he was a mere two feet from the creature; legs slightly bent as his chest stood out to push his arms as far back as possible.

The behemoth's sense twitched as it jerk its vision to the ceiling only to notice the air bourn Rone glaring down at him; catapulting his sword over his head to meet the monster's. Now a foot away, the monster easily anticipated the attack; heaving its arm as it struck Rone to the ground.

"Ah!" Rone screamed as the low friction of his suit slid him across the floor. Treading feet first to the rounded wall; Rone pointed his sword below him; stopping himself on contact. He could hear the monster trampling toward him, he flexed his arms; tilting the sword handle up as the tip angled to the bottom wall. With one burst; he launched himself to the air, turning to the opponent as he flung his arms out.

The behemoth stopped and watched as Rone slowly swung his arms like a propeller; slashing the monster with his right. Rone's shear look of satisfaction was clearly visible in his smile when the flowing spikes weren't in the way. The shiny glare of the blade blinded the monster, it raised his left arm; shielding its eyes as Rone caught him off-guard to slash its forearm off. The limb dropped to the ground; flickering to it wire-frame as scan-lines clearly ran through it.

Landing on his right foot; Rone struggled to keep his balance as he stabbed his sword to the floor; leaning toward it. The sword stood quite large: almost taller than he is, ceiling lights glistened off the pure silver model as Rone panted his way to recovery. He flicked his sweat drenched hair from in front of his eyes; splashing the salty mist behind him as it all arced through the air. "…See? I still got it…"he grinned.

"Yeah, in this case 'it' is luck…" Tseng replied; shaking his head as light shone past his propped specs.

"If only I had enough energy to hold up that one finger." Rone laughed, changing his attitude as he noticed his opponent charging at full speed; rattling his sight as each foot stomped the ground. "Ok, I see how this is." he said twisting his hands as he flipped the sword handle below his waist. He carefully pointed the sword toward the left of his foe; exhaling through his mouth as he readied himself for the encounter, "let's see what you got…" As the behemoth drew closer, the thunderous stamps grew louder until he was the swords length away, "Take THIS!" he said as he rotate his upper body; batting the sword to the monsters head.

Suddenly, through one fluid motion; the foe - raising its severed arm – deflected the swing as the blade sliced to the bone of its lower bicep. It repelled the sword outward; bursting its right arm to Rone as it wrapped his bulky fingers around his head. Steams of blood shot off the blade as the beasts arm slightly slid up the sword. The calf of his right leg bulged while he fired himself off the ground; heading toward the corner-less wall as Rone's body flailed through the air.

The speechless Rone clutched his sword as he prepared for the worst. The clunk of the metal echoed as his head dented wall, his hair shook between the cracks of the behemoths fingers. Opening his eye; he could barely make out the blurry beast wheezing to catch its breath, "…How did I survive that?" he muffled; feeling the blue aura around him.

"I shielded you." Tseng answered; typing at the keyboard as he noticed a riff in the air behind the lucent screen forming the figure of a man, "…Hiroshi?"

Rone dropped an inch as the behemoth pulled its arm back, "did you call me Hiroshi?" he asked as the beasts fist blasted its way toward him. Swiftly lifting the sword; Rone managed to avert the foes punch with its severed arm and snatch the sword away, giving him enough time to duck as the brute attempted a second blow; smashing his fist to the dent. The beast yelped as Rone threw his sword across the floor.

Tseng gazed at the sight of Hiroshi as he solidified in mid-air, "No…I mean…Hiroshi…"

Clamping his hands against the wall, Rone pushed himself through the rivals legs; wiggling his way out of its radius. He struggled to get up; dashing to the opposite wall as he grabbed his sword, the bang of the trampling beast was heard behind him.

A confused Hiroshi searched the surroundings as he began descending to the center of the floor, "Where am I? I set this thing to track Rone, what the hell is he doing down there?" he thought watching as the beast head for Rone.

Closing in on the wall; Rone jumped pushing his feet off the wall as he flipped back toward the opponent. As he crossed above beast, he saw the treads of shadowed man eclipsing toward him, he narrowed his eyes from the ceiling lights, "…who is…?" he thought completely missing the beast. Falling on his back; Rone watched as Hiroshi landed through the beast as if it were a ghost.

The darting behemoth elongated over Hiroshi like he was holding it back. It ran farther as the rest off it seemed to snap back like rubber; freezing it in its place. "What the HELL is Hiroshi doing here?" Tseng screamed as he hacked at his keyboard.

Rone arose; scowling at Hiroshi, "Hiroshi…? Why are you here?" Rone yelped, "Are you even logged in?" he asked; noticing the beast as it twitched and twisted to distortion, "I guess not, god, you're an idiot, maybe I just don't understand you, but from what I've experience; you're a gender-confused jerk who cares only for himself. Now I don't know why you're here, it's probably for your own reasons, all I know is that it better be a DAMNED good reason for what's about to happen!"

Hiroshi stood up from his crouching position; brushing his saggy pants, "What's about to happen?" he said softly; turning his attention to the wild monster behind him. "Oh…" he replied; slowly grabbing his samurai sword as he whipped the bangs from in front of his face.

The berserk beast jerked to face the two men; its movements were choppy, leaving images of past actions to slowly fade. With a quick jolt; the foe streamed its way to Hiroshi; smacking him to the wall only to zigzag toward Rone before he even saw Hiro take the hit. The sight of its slugging arm flickered as it passed through Rone; fading the monster to blue particles in the air. Rone sighed as he slouched to the ground; watching Hiroshi stumble his way up. Haze seeped beside him; outlining a door as they headed outside…

"I really appreciate you changing your mind, but that was a stupid stunt…" Tseng explained as they sat in the training observation room, "…first off; when you're logged into the network, deposits of VTA are placed in your body; it's what lets you feel objects in alternate time-frames."

"Look, I wanted to get here as fast as I could, so I set my teleport to the tracker I left in Rone a while back… I thought you'd be a little happier than this…" Hiroshi scowled, fixing his black muscle shirt.

Tseng walked over to the monitor; displaying the video of the berserk beast. "What happened here is a good example of what we NEVER want to happen in a real time-phase. See here? When you – and off-liner – passed through the opponent – and on-liner – he began to distort because the VTA didn't know what to do during a contact like that, it's especially bad because when you guys travel; anything other than us is made of pure VTA making them 100% vulnerable to a dysfunction like that, except I can't shut it down and that will actually scar the person."

"Why is he telling me this? I've heard about a thousand times…" Rone thought to himself, the low interest emitted throughout his face as he gaped toward the floor, "…wait, you have me tracked…?"

Tseng thought about his statement; gazing at the ceiling, "Look, I know it's confusing, but at the moment, even I don't know why or how we can time-travel, I just know that by using the VTA in the cylinders – it brings time to us…or you guys in this case…"

*          *          *

July 24, 2024: Tokyo

Atop the light infested Metropolitan Government building stood four black-dressed figures, one could mistake them for burglars if they could be seen in the murky sky. The wind blew past, though nothing fluttered as they were completely free of third-party gear, besides their height; they all appeared similar with the faces masked.

"Ok, so we launch when they launch, right?" one asked, looking at the others.

"Yeah, if you-know-who did his job right, otherwise we can't do jack. Tero said we need them all, I guess he wants to get rid of any threats, but he seemed particularly interested in that quiet guy…" another clarified.

"It's actually a well thought out plan, I jus' don't get that offspring stuff he always talks about, is it some kinda legend…?" a different man posed.

"Who cares, here's comes the kid…" the last man answered pointing to the disfiguring air as it formed the familiar dreadlocked enemy. "…So…we good?" he rushed.

The young man ran his fingers through his deep hair as he looked at each person, "Don't make me laugh, of course I did, that's why I was sent – not you, now let's go, we don't want any mistakes so if we camp out there now; it'll guarantee success..." He demanded; fading into the sky as the others followed.

The last man waited, watching the men as they perished, "God damned daddy's boy…" He hissed as he dulled to a mere spirit in the wind…

[End :: Stage 3]

*          *          *

Alright, two fight scenes; this was hectic, because one I had finished a month back when I was in Winnipeg and the other was just finished yesterday. I don't know, the creativity is still there, but keep thinking the writing is as good – not to mention I really wanna get to the meat of this volume, but keep forgetting it's only the 3rd chapter; it's one of those unfolding stories and as you keep reading; you start going, "Oh… I get it!" I love that about books.

I also changed some things; I was to introduce four new characters, but traded them for… four new characters – I just didn't want them to suddenly be apart of the story because their really in-depth, but they all come in at the same time. Anyway, I hope you liked this one and I hope you understood the point of the training sequence, pretty straight forward and if you watch a lot of movies you'll see why.

- LeShaun Johnson