I think I'm taking it quite well despite everything that's fallen
I lay in the shards quietly and let them dig into my spine
Thinking about how beautiful you sounded when you broke me
When my wall fell down and everything leaked inside of me
The pain of the world silently creeping through my veins
Eating my heart out from the inside
And still I allow it when you subconsciously play with my emotions
Swinging from broken limbs and ties that have all come undone
Begging for release, I long to crawl under your fair exterior
And bury myself in the skin my happiness dances on
Fading painfully, transferring to my bruised lungs
You've painted a picture on my mouth with your blood
I cannot burn it or I would burn myself
This is what you've done to me
Praying every day that something will give
That something will break
But nothing ever does, like a punishment for my loyalty
And every day I reflect on the damage that worsens with time
Nurse the wound that will never close
The image of those fucking ocean eyes that have never shed a tear for me
And never will
And like the prettiest angst you trap me within myself
To slowly feed on my own broken pieces