Miracle/Nowhere To Go
You're all dressed up
with nowhere to go
you're standing outside
all alone
you've been waiting
waiting for hours
Though you're not quite sure
what for

This exact day last year
he promised he'd be back
he didn't realize
the damage a rainstorm can do
he drove away
in his brand new car
just to the store
to buy you cough drops

You sat by the window
coughing the whole time
you expected him back
in only 15 minutes
you waited for hours
until the phone rang
you were told about the accident
and you cried for days

Now you're all dressed up
with nowhere to go
Now you're waiting for something
maybe a sign
Now it starts to rain
your tears blend with the cold droplets
But you feel warmth surrounding you
and a butterfly rests on your face

You were all dressed up
with nowhere to go
You were waiting for something
possibly a miracle
and here it is
though smaller than you excepted
a miracle sent by him