At Ameren School
By: Mandalyn Hannah Bonsey

Chapter 1
Copperliann Telamar heard the bell to go to bed. She started to run, but it was too late. "Miss Telamar! You are to be in your room!" said the severe voice of the Mistress of Dance. "I am sorry Mistress," she said with the respect expected form the girls of Ameren school, "I was getting to the dormitories as fast as I can."
"Well 'as fast as you can' is not fast enough," the Mistress said stiffly.
You should know that the school Copper attended, the Ameren School, was under ground as was everything else in the Quwadralin world. Quwadralins where small people, fairy-ish in a way, except they had no wings and they had absolutely no magic.

Copper ran to her room and flung herself onto her bed. Her bed was very soft in Quwadralin standards. Her sister, Dirain, had a very hard bed and often slept with Copper. "Copper is that you?" Eive Lily, known as Eve, said sleepily. "Yes Eive," she replied, "It is me."

In the morning Copper, Dirain, Eve, Morngoose Mirna and Dayali Irrine where awakened by the gong. "I don't want to get up," said Dayali sleepily, "why we have breakfast at fourth bell is beyond me!"
"Come on Dayali don't start moaning at this hour of the day," said Dirain cheerfully. Copper got her uniform on and her friends' uniforms out of their wardrobe. The girls' uniforms in Ameren School were dark blue satin or silk overskirts over a deep purple silk underskirt with an ocean blue cotton top with a white lace collar. Around their waist's was a gold chain that had a gold, silver or bronze attachment to which each girl's family's coat-of-arms was stamped.

When the girls were standing in line for breakfast a snotty girl called Nell Jarrey shoved in front of them and said, "C-D-E-M-D. C stands for 'clueless'. D stands for 'dumb'. E stands for 'elephant'." " Miss Jarrey! Stop this insolence this minute!" it was Mistress of Mathematics, "Misses Telamar, Lily, Mirna and Irrine, you three come with me."
"Yes Mistress." said Copper and her friends quietly.

"Don't take any more disrespect from Nell. She is a stuck-up snob as are all the Jarrey's." The girls nodded silent agreement. "Good, girls. What is your first subject?" asked the Mistress. "Mathematics, Mistress." answered the girls. "Come to the classroom with me then girls."
Again the girls nodded and they followed the Mistress out of the office and into the classroom.

"Copper, I heard what Nelly did!" exclaimed Daylily Norma, " I wouldn't have joined her little gang if I had known!" " Sit down class, sit down." said Mistress of Mathematics. "Fun stuff today, Allera sets D1- C6. Copper you do D1, #1-6 on the board."
" Yes Mistress." said Copper. She wrote up on the board: 1. t4%^t4==tt4 2. t3^%4==2 3.t4^%4==4 4. t4%^t4==tt4 5. t3½ %^ t3½ == tt6½ 6. t2½ ^%t4==2
After she finished the Mistress of Mathematics thanked her politely and said, "Dayali, will you do D2 # 1-6?"

* * *
In reading the Mistress said, "We are starting a new category and a new book. This time those special Quwadralins who need a pointer in the right direction are reading one of Janali H. Huston's books. Any questions?" "Mistress, what book is it?" asked Amelia Nerila a very smart girl and the only Quwadralin, that Copper knew of, who had a humans name in her class and age.
"We are reading What is a Quwadralin? By: Janali H. Huston. Have any of you read any of her books?" Everyone, except Amelia, Copper and Dirain, shook there heads no. The Mistress of Reading smiled slightly at the three. " We will be reading in groups. Everyone who will be reading What is a Quwadralin? are: Jiama Kilon, Thierie Hunston, Nell Kylan, Nell Jarrey, Mirren Yalnor and Ynet Yers.
"Every one who is reading The Small People Called Fairies are: Copperliann Telamar, Dirain Telamar, Eive Lily, Morngoose Mirna, Dayali Irrine, Daylily Norma, Fraya Gramala and Amelia Nerila.
" And of course the ones reading Leprechauns: The Faceless Threat are: Hinere Grimala, Fren Gramala, Kinye Friyom, Darliy Norma, Yinyo Telamar, and Jermi Kilon." At that moment Nillon Jyhibba raised her hand.
"Nillon you are reading a Big People's favourite: Eye of the World By: Robert Jordan." Nillon looked disgruntled about not being in a reading group with Mirren Yalnor or Ynet Yers, her best friends.
It really was amazing that Mirren Yalnor and Ynet Yers had Nillon Jyhibba as there best friend. Copper had tried to become friends with them and was unsuccessful, Mirren and Ynet where picky about everything.

The days of mid December went by uneventfully for Copper and her friends and siblings-Yinyo had been very evil to Nell Kylan and Nell Jarrey however- but in the wide world, war had started up between the Fairies and Leprechauns.
"Fairies have become ruthless! We must let the scholars know!" the Mistress of Symbols said to the Mistress of Language one day as they were sitting by the roaring fire in the Mistress's common room one evening. "How?" said Mistress of Language, "The Head Mistress doesn't want the scholars to know!"
"The scholars need to know!" the Mistress of Symbols burst out. "Ameren School is failing. Have you ever heard of the sch0lar named Copperliann Telamar?" said the Mistress of Language sighing. "Oh yes! She is in my most advanced class. I am almost positive she and Dirain and Yinyo are the most intelligent scholars we have at Ameren!" the Mistress of Symbols said enthusiastically. "I agree!" said Mistress of Language smiling.