I felt my heart bleed today
A wound was made inside
The guilty do for their sins pay
I knew I couldn't hide
From that drip, drip, drip
As what was precious oozed away

All that I have done wrong
Everything we lost
They don't tell you in the fairy tales
About how love can have a cost

I paid the toll today
It was not something you could see
I gave up all those days we shared
As well as a part of me
A piece of my soul
So I wonder now how long
Until I can be

Waiting on Time to mend my wounds
A stitch a day does not spirit the pain away
So for now I can just wait and bleed
Torn between guilty acceptance and tormenting need
In the quiet I can hear the tears inside
In silences I cannot hide
From that part of me
I paid

So I will wait for
Someone to heal me
And wait for,
Someone to feel me
And wait for,
This pathetic tragedy
To play itself out of me

Anger and pain dance together
Shadows dance on my soul's wall
It flickers in my gateways
"Are you all right?"
Not at all,
Not at all.