The Lost Tome Of Creation
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Second day of February that Alan
Spangler and his friends had gone to Scotland on vacation
And discovered something that was never meant to be found.

It was inside an aincent Scottish castle and under ground
That they were able to discover the lost tome of creation--
And after they've lifted it out of its resting place,
Alan had turned towards his best buddy,Ace
And asked him to keep an eye on the book.

However,that's exactly not enough to keep him from taking a look
At its pages while noone's looking in the first place--
And after he'd opened that book and started reading
The words within its covering,
A sudden glow has appeared within the chamber
And began to engulf both the book and its reader,
While he had kept on reading.

But then,as the room had kept on glowing brighter
And brighter,
Ace's head was beginning to spin and causing him
To fall down to the floor,while the light started to change him
Into a her.

Now,it has been unclear how long Ace has been out cold,
But after she was finally able to open her eyes and see her old
Friends standing over her,a confused Ace had sat
Up and said,"Hey,Guys.What are you looking at?"

Just then,after she'd discovered that she sounded like she's got a cold,
A confused Ace had reached for her bag,took
Out a mirror and taken a look
At her new reflection,only to have the look of shock
Appear on her face,for her new appearance is in permanet lock.

And then,after poor Ace had to cry,Alan had took
A hankey out of his pocket and handed it to Ace,
Who had thanked him and used it to wipe the tears off her face.

While she was doing that,Alan had started to look
For the tome,only to discover that he's unable to find
The book and look inside it to find
The words to conteract the spell,
Which means that the lost tome must be halfway to Hell
At that time.

And so,after they've realized that Ace has no choice,
But to accept her new body and voice,
Both she and Alan had joined the others in heading
Back to their hotel,where they'll be doing
Some sprucing up to make themselves each look like a Rolls-Royce.

But after she had stepped out of the shower,
Ace had looked and found her
Eyes fixed on a nude Alan and the fantastic body he had
On him,the Donna Edmondson type beauty had
Slowly walked over
To an unsuspecting Alan,wrapped her arms around him and
Began kissing and
Carressing each and every part of his bare body.

And even though he'd tried to make an objection,Alan
Has discovered that he's got no choice,but to behave like a man
And allow his sexual urges to come out.

And so,after they've moved themselves to the bedroom and
Placed their nude bodies on the bed,they've started kissing and
Carressing each other within such a passionate embrace,
While their other friends had continued the chase
For the lost tome and
Use it to change Ace back into a man.

But after they've finally finished their romantic embrace
And Ace
Has placed her head on Alan's chest,
She'd told him that it was the best
Sex she ever had and she doesn't want to be called Ace

And then,after they all had agreed that it was too much of a chore
Trying to find the Lost Tome of Creation,
Both Angie--formerly known as Ace--and Alan had gone on another mission
Known as Marriage--and as long as they're together,
Its still very clear that they'll still live happily ever after.