Haunt my dreams, my thoughts, my poems,
Linger behind every word on the page,
Watch me through your looking glass.
I feel you eyes upon me day and night, I feel
Your burning gaze, your poisoned touch
Embittering the days.
No words I say reach your deafened ears,
No words I type are seen by your blind eyes.
Dance around your fragrant rose,
Ignore the thorns she sticks in you,
Forget how I tried to save you,
Save you from the pain you feel,
The sea you created from your tears
In which you chose to drown.
My love for you has built a wall,
From the earth below to the stars above,
A barrier between my help and your pain,
Broken only by your trust in me
To bring you from the dark.
The candles I have given you,
You smash beneath your feet,
It seems you long for eternal dark
Giving into to your defeat.
Forever embittered you seem to be,
Pushing yourself away from me,
Following, following what you may never have,
Grasping at empty dreams.
My empty hopes, your empty dreams,
My tears of pain, your tears of despair,
My love for you, your love for her,
Smashing, breaking, ripping apart
The bond of friendship between us two.
The link we sought to never break,
Is fraying from the strain,
Of keeping feelings we hold inside.
Locked within as we try to confide,
Me in you, you in me.
What will it take to win back the past?
The way it was all supposed to be,
No pain, no hurt, no blind despair,
When will life start being fair?
Please listen to my advice to you,
My attempts to be your light in the dark,
Don't ignore all I've done for you.
Can't you see, can't you
That everything I've done, I've said
Has been out of love for you?