The Happiness

When we are young and we are free
To when worms live inside of we
We are perfect
We might cry
But why should we care
Kids and teens, adults to elderly
When did we decide to be free
Live our own lives as we please
We can be doctors, lawyers and even sleaze
No one sees. No one cares
Where is the justice
Where is the worm food?
Who am I, what are you

Look to the sky my lover in the night
The stars they are whistling
And the moon is alight
Burning the trees, a simple butterfly
This is happiness, don't ask why

When we wake up we rub our eyes
Hit our alarm clock and say our good byes
Go off to work without the bat of an eye
Listen to our children cry
We're hungry, we're lonely
We wanna know why
Adventure is all we have on our mind
But faced with the chance to run we run and hide
Cry babies, cry kiddies
Let the world run backward in the cities
Small town people
Want to get away
But once off their home turf
They run back to the way
Homeward bound
Death by ground
Listen to the old records
Let your son hit on girls

Look to the heavens my children
Don't worry if you didn't win
I'll burn the world to keep you safe
Even when you kill yourself
Burning the world, a butterfly girl
This is happiness, don't argue

Burn it all
Burn it hard
Kill yourself
What did we do to save ourselves
Who did we ask to be so smart
When do we get to die again
Where are we going until the end
Why oh, why oh, why oh, why.
Why must we at the end die

Look up and cry
Bawl to the sky
Don't feel so sad my babies
You'll be grown up soon
I'll burn the world to keep you safe
Even if you kill yourself
Burn the whole world, butterfly girl
This is happiness, shut up and enjoy it
I made it for you
I know it's too damn good to be true
But it's happiness for you
I burnt the world to get you space
Don't waste.