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*Who am I?* She wondered. She looked around her. She was on some sort of beach. It was night, or at least it was very dark out. The water she found herself in was cold, so she stood up and sat down on a nearby rock. The air was chilly, but the warmth around her told her that it was summer. She started to stretch out her arms, and then stopped because of the pain. *What happened to me? Why can't I remember anything? I must have washed up on this beach, wherever this beach is. I wonder if I can find some shelter for tonight.*
She stood up and started looking around for something, anything, which could provide some sort of shelter. She was wandering around, using the light of the moon to guide her.
"You there! What are you doing out here at such an hour? And all by yourself too." A young man approached her. He was tall, with brown hair and hazel eyes. His hair was short and kept clean.
"Are you alone? Do you need some help?" He walked up to her cautiously.
"I...uh...well...I don't know." He gave her a curious look.
"You don't know if you need any help? How is that possible?" He had a perplexed look on his face, as if he was trying to figure out what she was up to.
"Well, you see...I kinda...I don't know. All that I know is that I woke up here on this beach. I have no recollection of where I'm from, or how I got here. I'm not totally sure if I know my own name or not."
"Oh really? That's quite depressing." He paused for a moment. "Well, my name is Daemon, and if you can't tell me yours, I'll understand. I live just a few minutes walk from here, if you need a place to stay" He looked as if he had some hope in his eyes, almost as if he wanted her to trust him. She pondered this for a bit. *He seems like someone I might be able to trust. That, and I don't have anyplace else to stay.*
"Actually, that doesn't sound too bad. If you don't mind, I'd like to stay with you for the night. Maybe by the morning, I'll have my memory back and I can figure out what is going on."
"Good. It's settled then. And don't worry at all I don't mind. My mother normally does not care if I have guests over for the night. But I've never had a girl over before..." She didn't hear much more of what he said. She was transfixed by her reflection. Looking into a puddle of water that had been left behind at high tide, she saw a very attractive girl staring back at her. She knew that it was her own reflection, but she could not believe it. This girl had long, midnight black hair and bright green eyes. Her dress was tattered, but still did not look too shabby. She knew, however, that it was beyond repair, and needed to get a new one. She could not remember if she had shoes or not, but if she had had them on, she didn't have them anymore. She looked down, wiggled her toes, and smiled to herself.
"Are you listening to me?!" She looked up to see Daemon staring at her, quite mad.
"Sorry." She thought for a second, trying to think of something to say to make him less mad. She looked at him and his glare and tone of voice reminded her of something. *Think... that tone seems so familiar. Like when...my...father would reprimand me. What did he call me...* After another moment it came to her. "My name...is Raven." This seemed to cool his anger, and he smiled at her.
"Well, Raven, if we don't want my mother to be mad, we had better head back to the house. Its just through these woods, not more than a five minute walk." He started to walk and motioned for her to follow. She stood up and followed him along the path.

Under the canopy of the trees, it got quite dark. But Raven trusted him to lead the way. She didn't have much of a choice anyway. She looked around her, taking in her surroundings. Walking along, she noticed something etched in bark on one tree. She stopped and stared at it. She reached out to touch it, and was stunned when a memory came back to her. But it was gone as easily as it had come, and now the etching was just another etching. She shrugged it off and turned back to the path. Out of nowhere, an owl came screeching out of the sky and flew right at her. Raven shrieked and dove to the side of the path, out of its way. Daemon was immediately at her side.
"Are you ok? Did it hurt you?" She could sense sincere worry in his voice.
"I'm fine. Just...just a little shaken." She looked up at him, trying to prove that she was really ok. "What was that?"
"It was an owl, out on the prowl. It probably just saw a mouse near you and was going in for the kill."
"Yeah, I guess so." *Either that, or it saw me try and touch the etching and didn't like it. Something is definitely weird about that tree...* "Well, are you just going to sit there, or will you help me up?"
"Oh, right, sorry." Cheeks red, he helped her up. "Come on, my house is just a little further up the road." He helped her up, and they continued on their way.

Just around the bend was a tiny little house. It looked like it had two or three rooms on the ground and a high enough roof for there to be another room on top even. It had wood for the walling and a thatched roof, both of which were of excellent craftsmanship. He walked right up to the front door and let himself in, holding the door open for her. A woman was over in one corner of the room, washing dishes in a sink.
"Hey mum, I'm home. I hope that you don't mind that I brought a friend over to stay the night."
"Daemon, honey, you know that I don't mind company as long as..." She had turned around and noticed that her son's company was a woman. Raven could feel his mother looking her up and down, trying to find a reason to not let her stay. Feeling uncomfortable, she decided to speak up.
"I'm sorry if I inconvenience you, but I have no place to stay. If is too much trouble for you, I can go someplace else."
"Where would you go?" Daemon asked, "It's not like you know anybody else here" She saw his mother soften a little.
"Well," she said, her voice shaking, "I guess that she can sleep in front of the fireplace." She turned around and went back to cleaning. "If you want to earn your stay, you can start by helping put the kids to bed!" She yelled from the sink, most likely washing the dishes again, so she didn't have to face this girl.
Raven looked at Daemon. She had no clue if she really should, and was hoping to see if he could give her an answer of some sort.
"Come on. You don't want to make my mother mad." He walked up to the door and yelled "Morgaine, Gwaine, Danae, come inside! Bedtime! And someone please bring in baby Nip this time!" He looked at her and very calmly said, "You'd better move out of the way before you are run over." She stepped out of the way just in time to see four kids come screaming through the door. She watched them run around the room shouting, "Aye, you fool. Eye wun. Ye can tell bye how fast I were run-in'!" She watched them run around for a while. Then Daemon's mother shouted at them, and made them settle down. "You can grab baby Nip and help me hoard the rest upstairs," said Daemon very calmly. So she did as she was told, and picked up the baby. The instant she touched it, it relaxed and looked her in the eyes. Then it started cooing to her. Daemon looked at her dumbfounded.
"Funny. Anytime anyone picks up Nip, he normally shouts his little lungs out. I was trying to play a trick on you and see if you would freak out if he started to fuss, but I guess it didn't work. You must have some sort of magic touch or something." He turned around and went up the ladder. *Yeah, some sort of magic touch. Maybe it has something to do with the owl or the tree. Or maybe that's why I'm here.* She thought as she climbed the ladder and almost tripped when she reached the top. Nip made a loud shriek that brought her back to reality just in time to catch herself. Daemon looked at her questioningly. She reassured him by smiling. Ten minutes later, all four kids were in bed and calmed down enough to go to sleep. Quietly, the pair crept back downstairs.
"Well, I don't want you two up all night," His mother said. "But I do need to get my own sleep, so I'm going up to bed. Goodnight. And behave yourself!" She gave Daemon a daring look and went upstairs.

"Well, now that she's gone, we can finally talk. So, tell me about yourself." He looked at her quizzically, probing for answers.
"I seriously don't remember anything besides my own name. And that I'm not even sure about." She looked at him sorrowfully. "I wish I could tell you more, because you seem like the kind of person I can really trust. But I just, can't"
"I understand," he said. She could tell he was lying.
"Tell me a little about yourself, please. I would offer to tell a story about myself, but as you know, I can't." She looked at him eager to hear about a person's life. She hoped that maybe his story would help trigger her own memory.
"Well, I don't know where to start" He began. "I...ummmm"
"Tell me about your family. That sounds like a good start to me." She suggested
"Yeah...ok. Well, you've met my mother. She really is a very sweet person. I guess that she was upset that I brought I girl home to stay. It must be some sort of mother thing. And you saw all of my siblings. Baby Nip is almost a year old now. Danae is the next oldest, then Gwaine, then Morgaine. I am the oldest, or at least I am now. And my father, well..." He got very quiet and trailed off, seeming like he didn't want to say much more.
"What about him?" She looked at him and smiled, hoping that would re- assure his confidence enough that he could continue.
"My father is, well, dead I guess. What I mean is that he's been gone for a little over a year and a half. We, well my mother and I, assume that he is dead. Both he and my older brother Phoenix are gone. All that we know is that they went out on a hunting trip and never came back."
"That's sad to hear. So is that why he isn't here, and why you really help out with your younger siblings a lot?"
"Yeah, it is. Morgaine is the only one that really remembers the two of them out of all of my siblings." She looked at him for a while.* I wonder if I do have a father. What does he look like? Is he nice? Oh well. I guess that I'll never know.* She turned to Daemon, who had this look of distant hope on his face.
"You know what I think? I think that they're still out there somewhere. I don't know what they're doing, but I know that they're there. I can almost feel it. Or maybe I just wish it. I really miss them, especially Phoenix. I wonder if he would care if I could tell him that I miss him."
"I wonder if anyone misses me," Raven wondered out loud.
"If you were to leave me, I would miss you. I would terribly miss you." He leaned closer to her, as if he was trying to make some sort of move. Afraid, she turned away to look at the fireplace. After a while, she looked back. There he was, curled up on the floor behind her. Not wanting to bother his sleep, she carefully shifted herself so that she was comfortable, and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

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