"Nobody is perfect, I am a nobody, therefore, I am perfect." --- Random Classmate

What is perfection? Is not merely a state of mind in which one wishes I am this and that and not only this and that? Or is it the frustration that you are this and that while I am not?

Perfection, either way, is only a matter of perspective, as every little thing in this world is. Perfection is only a state of mind, as most vanities and the likes are. Perfection is just a word created by putting Abc's together.

Perfection in the human persona, in my opinion, is non attainable. It is a preposterous reality for individuals who perceive themselves as the perfect individuals. Although I suppose having a perfect boyfriend is another thing. Again it ends up in one's perspectives about things. Still, without leaving reality, perfection is merely a word used to describe what we are not.

Perfection entails the right to look down at people. Why? Because you are perfect. Nothing can be said that would be bad for your image. Only perfect individuals are given the right to tell the imperfect ones what is wrong with their individuality. Perfection entails the right to be cruel.

Imperfection on the other hand, cannot entail such. For you are a flawed individual yourself, what right do you have to look down upon others? Imperfect individuals have little right regarding this matter. Although they have all the opportunity in the world to do such. How convenient.

Imperfection is beauty. Beauty for you are flawed. Unique in every way. Flaws differentiate your contours from other. Nonexistence of traits fills the your canvas with exquisite colors people fail to notice. Insufficient of strokes reveal your inner glow. Dearth of fixation leaves you open to changes and evolution.

Imperfect individual is like an unfinished painting. Something that you can revise anytime. Something that you could hang anywhere. And something that only the creator himself appreciates.