My life is shot to hell
It's all my fault
Everything is because of me

I know that I did it to myself,
And I'll accept my punishment
Because who else would've done it?

Cut me up
Make me bleed
For nothing else could hurt this bad

Only loss of a loved one
Only loss of a friend
Otherwise, the pain can't be surpassed

Help me
Ruin me

For that's already done
I'd be immune
Make it numb

Take me back
Make me change
Make me fix my flaws

Maybe that would change
The rotten person I've become
The rat I've turned into

Or, could you maybe
Brighten my future
Make a change?

Possibly discover a mistake?
An error?
A wrong?

Make it right!

For all you readers out there, don't care what religion you are if you have any, please pray/wish me SEVERE luck! PLEASE. You don't have to, but I'm begging, on the verge of going to my knees.