With you, my life is so perfect.
With you, everything is so bright.
With you, nothing can spoil my day,
And with you, it feels so right.

But I'm rarely with you,
I want us to spend the time we have together,
But you don't want to hear about it,
A years time, Our lives will change forever.

I know that we can never be,
And I truly accept my saddening fate,
But why must we part? Why, why, why?
If there was a chance, I would wait...
For you.

Whenever I'm with you,
You can feel the great vibes between us.
I haven't told you I love you for ages now:
You think it's only as strong as lust.

After we part, how will I live?
Do you think I can just get up and go?
Don't you think I'll be half the man I was?
Because you're a part of me, don't you know?

Don't tell me that we can write each other,
Or talk on the phone. That'll never satisfy me.
I can never be satisfied, unless you're by my side.
The true strength of my love, some day you'll see...