Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Everybody, at some point in their life has been the victim of ridicule,
and I wrote a poem about that. I hope that you guys and gals like it, and
yes I've decided to give fictionpress another chance. I'm not leaving. So
sit back and enjoy the poetry. Oh yea don't forget to review. If theres no
reviews, then my next poem is going to be about the two lil cute but also
annoying lil kittens I just got. Don't laugh but one is named Mew and the
other is named Mewto. Yeah their named after Pokeman....ya got a problem
with that??? What?? I like Pokemon......Ok that just sounded juvenile.
Anyway that poem won't be about how cute they are, but rather it's going to
be about how fustrating it is to actually potty....er litter train them. So
unless you want to read about that....then don't forget to review. TTFN.

CRAP!!!! It's already starting....If you don't get it then read my poem
entitled "All alone." Yep it's already starting. I'm DOOMED I'll tell

Throw your nose up in the air
Just pretend that I'm not there
Laugh at me behind my back
Throw my life completly off track
Roll your eyes back in your head
Even wish that I was dead
Kick me hard when I'm down
Move away when I come around
Snicker at me and call me names
It's only my name that you defame
Stab me with your wicked blade
No it's my life that you'd never save
Cuss me out right to my face
You think that you're putting me in place
This makes you stronger, or so I figure
Putting me down makes you feel bigger
But this smile I'll constantly wear
To you and the others, I'll show no fear
About your insults, do you think I care
Did you think I'd tremble with fear and even be scared
Well you're wrong I'm stronger than that
I can pull all of these knives from out of my back
So feed off someone else's weakness, not mine
Even with your taunts, I'll be just fine
I am a woman, hear me roar
I'll hold my head up high, just like before