Disclaimer: This is mine. I do not own the feelings described in this poem,
but I own this interpretation of them.


I try to be what others see, but it's harder then it seems.
One person here, another there,
It's not my fault, but they don't care,
I want to be the one 'I' see that's living in my dreams.

The expectations they have of me seem to be way off base.
I have no control of what they see,
I only hope it's the real me,
Why can't they just let me be me and get right off my case?

My hope and striving to be better has really brought me down.
Disappointment, regretful sighs,
And shame settle in their prying eyes,
I am most stressed and somewhat depressed and still 'They' wear a frown.

I feel as thought all those I know have turned and walked away.
One friend, as if I had forgot,
Reminded me that she had not,
She talked to me and told me that by my side she'll stay.

The message that her encouraging chats have taught I clearly see.
Those talks of truth ad unfailing love,
Sent lovingly from up above,
Have changed my views on who I am, I'm Perfect, just as me.