Chapter Twenty-Three- Never really over...

3 years forward...


After that night, things.... almost went back to normal. The three of us, Jodie, Brian and I, aced our HSC, and Joel managed to find a way to recover the months from school lost. He went on to do his HSC the year after, finishing with honours. The town itself… well, there were reports in the paper Jodie told me (Brian doesn't let me read the papers if he knows its something bad) they had something about a massive serious of break-ins, but nothing was stolen. All they could do was scratch their heads and shrug their shoulders at it all.

Jodie finally moved in with Joel, which was a big relief, and their grandmother happily announced that she was going for a well deserved 'holiday'. Me and Brian, having saved up enough money, rented an apartment on the outskirts of the city, much to my grandmothers (and my families) dislike. Jodie insisted on staying where they were, at least until she stopped feeling her fathers presence there.

My mother and I fought together for a little while, until Jodie and Joel had no choice but to come live back in the town. They got an apartment on the same block as us, and Joel started working at the ice-skating rink, believe it or not. Brian got a job about an hour out of town, but he only goes for four days straight. I work whenever Ted needs me. Jodie and I had a lot of money saved up from working three years at Ted's, and that's what we used to pay for our Uni fees. I'm going to become a teacher. Jodie wants to become either a councillor, or a psychologist. We're both working towards our goals.

The coolest thing about it all is, Brian and I are getting married soon. We're already engaged, and I couldn't be happier.

But... we haven't given up the fight against evil. If you were wondering.

It is never over. It will never be over. There are still many demons and what-nots to fight, and we fight them with our own strength.

But, as evil will never die, neither will good. We will keep fighting until it's time to pass on our 'gifts' to our daughters. Then they will fight, like we did, but hopefully no have to go as far as hell itself. That was a terrifying experience.

We don't take this burden lightly, oh no. It will continue to shape our lives forever, and we will never be free of it, wherever we go. However far we might travel away from the town, and away from my mum and family. But we both have our mothers love, and the gifts they gave us, and I'd rather have that than fall victim to the evil that's out there. It'll always be there.... and we'll always be there to stop it.

Giving up is not an option. But I think even if it were, neither Jodie or I would choose it. We have the power to do good in the world, and as long as we have that, we'll keep fighting the evil that threatens to upset the balance, and destroy our world.

Right now though, I have a different fight.



I think I understand why my mother left me now. She wanted to fight to save me, because she knew I was special. I was different, and that difference would help us in the end. Sure, the Devil's Daughters had almost made me destroy all those I loved, but it also helped me to pull through that day. It gave me the courage to fight on.

Joel and I are closer than ever, and because of him I finally understand what family.... and love.... truly mean to me. Because of him, I met my very first boyfriend, Dustyn Smith. He was.... a little freaked out when I first just came out and told him about, you know, me. But he was a little like Brian, I guess, and eventually came around to it. I felt awkward around him for a little while, but that soon subsided when he showed me I can trust him with my life. And now, I know I can.

Hope and I have a kind of.... well, we've kind of made a demon-o-meter. It tells us when a dangerous demon is in town. We research, go after, and kill it all in one night. Although, the demon sightings haven been as closely clustered together like two years ago. Once a week.... maybe two.... we kill a demon. Little ones every few days.

We're both so much more powerful than before. On that scale of one to ten, we're now about twenty-something. In fact, on the night Hope began her fight, Joel and I were finishing off a demon who was about five on that scale. We threw the potion, and said the words Hope had written just weeks ago. It screamed, burned, and turned into nothingness. All in the space of about two seconds.

Then my mobile phone rang. When I picked up, I got the confirmation. I told Joel, and both of us flew to the old grey building as crows. We landed in a thicket of bushes, shifted back (Joel had gotten over the tired after shifting thing), and made our way into the building. We asked a woman passing by, and she told us there been having a few earth tremors, and there was a report of a storm quickly approaching, and we thanked her for the information, then bolted upstairs to where we knew she was. We both practically burst into the room, to find Hope looking red-faced and Brian holding her hand. She looked like she was in pain. She probably was.

"Are you all right? Has it happened yet?"

"What do you think?!" Hope snapped, and I couldn't help but smile at her. I went on the other side of her, taking her other hand. She squeezed it tight.

"How much?" Joel asked Brian as he stood beside me.

"The full ten, so it should be any minute now"

"Oh" Joel suddenly looked uncomfortable.

"Hey, can you get us a coke Joel? I'm really thirsty" I asked him, and he nodded and sped off. Then the doctors came in, and we had a few more tremors, and seconds later the thunderstorm hit. We were lucky it didn't knock out the power.

Then, it all went so fast.... Hope screaming (and swearing at Brian-scary) and the doctors working hard.... so much blood.... then....

Then two miracles were introduced to the world. Twin girls, both Hope's. One had a small red curl of hair, and the other had a few tiny strands of blond hair. They were beautiful. They were Destined.

After all the blood was cleaned up, and the doctors left, Brian and Hope now held their daughters in their arms. Chloe and April, their names were.

The storm had passed, and we all knew.... Hope had brought the storm and tremors. She was beginning to learn that too.

"Jodie… you know what happens if I die?" Hope said, still red-faced, as she held the little red-haired Chloe.

"Oh don't think like that" I chided "We're both going to see them grow up, so don't you worry another second about it"

Joel came back then, and trailing behind him.... the brown-haired, midnight blue-eyed boy named Dustyn. The love of my life.

Brian gave April to Joel as Dustyn came and gave me a kiss on the cheek, putting an arm around my waist. Again, I couldn't help but think how good this felt, and wonder how much of this I'd missed.

"I wish I could.... I wish they didn't have to be Destined. I don't want them to go through what we've been through" Hope said sadly, and in spite of myself, I laughed.

"They'll never go through what we went through Hope. But I know what you mean. And I'm sure our mums.... and in fact every Destined woman has said or thought that. But it's destiny Hope. It binds us all to our fates"

Hope smiled at me then. A genuine, Hope kind of smile.


"You know, you almost sounded deep and meaningful then"

"There's still a lot about me you don't know Hope"

"All right you two, enough bickering" Joel said kindly, smiling at us. After all, if he ever had children with his new girl, they'd be linked to the Destined in just the way we were. And.... just the way I knew April and Chloe now were.

The nurse announced later that the three of us had to leave, because the babies needed to be fed, then Hope had to rest.

But I knew, it would never end here. Our paths are all set for us in the line of the Destined.

Doesn't mean we can't all have some fun on the way.


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