There is a school where the strange is the norm- a place of strange occurrences on a daily basis. Where flashes of storms hang overhead on a clear, sunny day. Where shadows are portals to other worlds. Where students can appear in one place and disappear in an instant. Where you can find yourself dancing with the dead and buried with the living in your nightmares, come to reality. You're in a fantasy; you're in their world now. Welcome to Dethyna High.

The halls were eerily quiet for being ten minutes before the school day started. A small gust of wind blew through the multicolored leaves of tall, intimidating trees. The three-story brick building stood in a slumber, void of any forms of life. Although recently rebuilt after a strange accident within its quarters, the school still put on the appearance of a building about to celebrate its centennial, which in the case of foundation, it was. The wind blew again as a single leaf, colored like fire, fell to the flawless green grass, to the feet of a slender female figure. Her black biker boots nudged the leaf playfully as the wind picked it up again and blew it away. Dressed in a black spaghetti strap covered by a white blouse and a simple black skirt that reached her knees, the young girl released an aura of immense power, someone not to be messed with. Her raven black hair was tied up in a bun at the back of her head; loose ends stuck up in a spiky halo around the black barrette that held it in place. Small strands of loose hair fell in gentle waves down her naturally tanned face just below her round eyes, hued a light lavender, almost gray, with a magical feel. The black string of a necklace hung down her delicate neck with an ornate silver pentacle dangling freely at the bottom. Her crimson lips were pulled into somewhat of a smirk, as though amused by the haunting silence of the place.

"All right Aurelle, sometimes people are better seen," she said in a loud voice. Out of nowhere, a delighted laugh rang out and a young girl appeared in an instant.

Dressed in blue chucks, a blue denim miniskirt, and a white v-necked shirt, the fair skinned girl laughed more, sending her curly, blonde hair in ripples down to her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes accentuated her joy at the other girl's statement.

"Am I mistaken, or did I just hear the great Devinia say that she wanted to actually see people?" she smiled her thin lips mockingly at the girl standing now directly in front of her.

Devi cast a cool gaze back at her. "I just don't want to be the only loser in class today," she simply stated.

"Oh Devi, you're such a party pooper," Aurelle teased as her eyes glowed brightly and the rest of the student body appeared as though nothing had happened.

With a look around at the carefree peers gathered around her, Devi shrugged her shoulders. "Nice parlor trick," she teased back at her happy friend who gave her an almost disappointed look.

"Devinia," she whined, "it took me forever to learn how to do that."

Devi shook her head as she smiled. "You should be very proud then."

Aurelle pretended to be hurt at her friend's remark. "Being an Illusionist isn't as easy as you think, missy."

Devi rolled her eyes at her naive friend. An Illusionist is one who can cast illusions around a person at will. It took tons of hard work and practice to do a total illusion, which is what Aurelle just accomplished in front of Devi's eyes, and her friend was totally oblivious to her joke.

"Whatever you say Elle," she said, beginning her walk to their favorite hangout spot under the large oak tree in the middle of the quad area.

"We would like to remind students that there is a policy of restraint against unsupervised practice," a voice over the school's PA system called out. "You have been warned."

The two girls smiled lightheartedly at the announcement, which they knew was directed at them. Devi took a seat under the overhanging branches of the tree that had been planted when the school was first built almost a hundred years ago. As if recognizing her presence, a gust of wind blew away any debris of crumpled leaves from where Devi was about to sit, leaving her a clean spot to relax. Aurelle smiled fondly at her friend as she took a seat next to her. The two sat there watching the other students enjoying time with their friends before the bell rang for the start of the school day, silently appraising any sign of talent worth noticing.

"Tavin is looking at us again," Aurelle said, shifting her eyes at Devi. Devi nodded absently. 'When is he not looking at us?' she thought, her eyes cast down at her black backpack that was lying next to her leg. "Devi?"

Devi looked into her friends shimmering eyes and hopeful smile. She knew that Aurelle had an infatuation with Tavin's amazingly good looks and great personality, but there was just something untrustworthy about him; she just didn't like the vibe he gave her. And if there was one thing Devi knew she could always trust, it would have to be her instincts. She took a deep sigh.

Please don't make me tell you again Elle, she thought as she glanced at Tavin's athletic figure staring at them while his group gathered around him, laughing at some private joke.

His fit body screamed manly testosterone as smooth muscles could be seen through his tight, navy blue shirt. His light brown hair held its natural, unkempt look that so many girls drooled over and his hazel blue eyes stared back at Devi as if they were expecting her look. He gave a triumphant smirk as Devi scowled at him.

"I just... don't like the guy," she admitted again to her friend's disappointment. "I'm sorry Elle."

"Don't be," Aurelle cut her off, giving her a small smile, "it's not like I... I mean we need him in our group."

Devi gave her friend a smile and sighed, "All right Elle, we'll see how much he's grown, but if he starts anything..."

"Oh Devi! You're the best!" Aurelle shrieked, giving her friend a quick hug and smiling widely at Tavin who waved back at her.

As Devi watched her friend walk towards him and engage in a cheery conversation, she couldn't help but feel good about her friend's loyalty. Even if she was being cheated out of something, Aurelle would stick by her side no matter what.

"It feels good to make her happy, doesn't it?" a calm voice called from behind Devi, making her smile as she watched Aurelle laugh along with Tavin.

"In so many ways," she replied, turning to the handsome face of Ewan Tylor. Ewan stared at Aurelle's joyous face with a glazed look over his dark brown eyes. His black hair rested neutrally atop his head, a sweet smile itching his pink lips. He stood an average height with a calming disposition that would make anyone feel content. He was a natural Empath, someone able to read emotions off of people, and a learning Healer. Devi knew that Ewan loved Aurelle deeply, but he wouldn't make a move on her unless she wanted it as well.

Pity Ewan, you're everything she wants. She just can't see it. Devi sighed as she stood up.

"Where you off to beautiful?" Tavin asked as he suddenly appeared in front of her. Devi scowled as she turned back to see Aurelle laughing with joy next to another Tavin that grinned mischievously. Tavin was a Deplicate, one able to duplicate himself through a form of astral projection.

"Class," Devi grumbled through clenched teeth as the bell rang. Tavin gave her a goofy smile as he glowed a bright red and disappeared.

"I'll catch up with you later!" Aurelle called as she walked to the PE area with Tavin still by her side grinning at Devi. She waved at the two and began walking with Ewan, who was in her first class.

"Don't get annoyed with her, it's not her fault she feels strongly for him," Ewan said, looking into his friend's unique eyes.

"I just..."

"Don't trust him," Ewan finished as Devi gave a smile.

"You know, sometimes that's just creepy," she laughed as he returned the smile.

They continued their walk, talking about other things that adolescent youths have on their minds, not noticing that they were being watched.

"Are you sure she is the one?" the raspy voice of a dark figure asked, staring intently at an old crone whose eyes were rolled back as if in a trance. She was dressed in an old gray shawl over faded black rags that acted as a dress. Her whisky white hair was thinning at the top of a wrinkled head.

"A Sybil is never wrong. Prophecies are part of my nature. This is the witch you seek," she said monotonously, eyes still contracted to the back of her head so that they only displayed the whites of her eyeballs.

The dark shadow loomed out of the corner, eyes blazing. He was covered in a dark cloak, but his clawed red-orange hands could still be seen. His face was constricted as if in a scowl, but the gleam of green in his blood red eyes gave the impression of a triumphant smile. His black tongue licked his red lips hungrily.

Soon the witch's power will be mine and my debt will be paid. Once the girl has been drained, a bride she will be, his eyes glowed as a plan began unraveling in his twisted mind. Without another word, he seemed to melt back into the shadows and disappeared.

The old crone gasped loudly as her body began trembling. "Untouchable, the one will be. With more power than you can see. For the learned's rise of centum years will bring true the darkness' fears. Beware the witch with powerful mind, whose name derives from the divine..." her voice echoed the warning off the cold, stonewalls to the empty room.

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