Incomplete, incompetent, inefficient,
All I feel inside as I shed the salty tears.
The glass pedestal on which I stand is cracking,
Shattering, breaking.
I scream a wordless scream as I fall through the darkness,
Feeling the glass slice through my unprotected flesh.
But that isn't the pain I feel,
Isn't the blood spilling inside and out.
Everyone, everything I have ever know disappears upon the winds of shame,
Of hurt and of pain.
Silvery wisps of memories tease me as they blow away, evading my pleading
It's all my fault, all my doing,
The breaking of the glass, the wind wasting you all away, the pain you feel
night and day.
I am the betrayer, the liar, the cheater, the stealer of hearts,
The hypocrite.
Running away from the people who matter most,
Giving in to something like a paper cut compared to the mortal wounds you
I saved you from drowning in your tears,
Now let me suffocate in my own salty tears,
In my hurt and pain.
Of all those who deserve the pain they feel,
The only one who truly deserves it,
Is me.