What We'll Never Have

I can't say I'm drawn to you

In a way that science explains

There's no gene forcing our love

Or hormone controlling my mind

I think that's why I love you

Because I know it's love

I can't share my joy with anyone

Because no one would understand

There's no law saying they have to

And no compassion protecting us

They all say that it's wrong

But they'll never convince me

I have to say that I can't help it

Like I'm some freak of nature

To be pitied, but never pardoned

Because I was born and will die a sinner

They can't accept that I love you

And not your second chromosome

We don't need their compassion

Or a contract signed in a church

Or white dresses and a tall cake

To prove the reality of our love

I still want those things for you

It would mean the world to you

So I'll give you a ring anyway

And promise to marry you one day

When another man or woman stands strong

And repeats the words, "I have a dream,"

And frees our hated minority

That makes up one in every twenty

I wanted to have that wedding

To you, not to another girl

With friends and family surrounding

And our first slow dance as whatever we are

But because I picked the wrong gender

They'll never let us have it