The United States of America

You promise an America

For the people you need to support

And I hope you follow through

And support African Americans

That they want education too

That they want better role models

Not "gangstas" and thugs

But regular people just like them

Who show them what they can be

You promise an America

Where the young can afford college

And I hope you follow through

And realize that all people deserve

A fair chance to be educated

No matter what family they come from

No matter how poor their families are

Even if they barely get by

They receive an equal chance

Then you promise an America

Where our troops will return home

And I hope you follow through

And finish our job in Iraq

And pull us out of that terrible war

And negotiate before you attack

Next time we hunt for invisible weapons

That will massively destroy us

By splitting our country's support

You always promise an America

Where senior citizens can afford healthcare

And I hope you follow through

And make sure that no one is ignored

And treat the elderly like respectable adults

I just hope it's not a fancy sentence

That will make the campaign succeed

But I believe that you'll pull through

And don't let me withdraw that belief

But you never promise an America

Where all people will have equal rights

Because we always draw the line

With anything the Bible won't condone

With homosexuals or Witches

With Muslims or Arabic Americans

With people who have no money

Or people who aren't Democrats

Or Republicans in this nation

You don't realize that in America

Gays can be straight as easily

As an African American can be white

A Pagan can convert as easily

As a Christian can give up his faith

And an Arab can change as easily

As an elder can reverse her age

But you do realize that America

Has a horizon of hope for everyone

You realize that America

Is a place for all of these people

Not for liberals and conservatives

Not for the young and the old

Not for the white and the colored

And not for the Christians and non

Or the rich and the poor

Or the gay people and the straights

It's the United States of America